The Secret to Wearing Dresses Everyday

Wednesday, November 22

A New Ski Print Tunic Dress

Anyone who knows me in real life knows I wear dressed all the time. I don't have to be getting dressed up or going somewhere nice to wear them. I wear them just as much (if not more) to lectures and the library than parties.

It all started when I left school and had an extra seven days a week to wear what I wanted. My wardrobe was full of dresses but because I only worn them to parties they never got worn but I knew that had to change. So without to much thought I started wearing my 'good' clothes way more often.

If I had a pound for every time someone said to me 'where are you going all dressed up' or 'wow your all dressed up for a 9am lecture' I'd well... well I'd have more dresses!

Cactus Print Summer Dress
Can't Resist Styling a Dress as a Pinafore
What alot of people don't understand though is it is all just a big trick. Pulling on a dress in the morning when your still half asleep requires no styling - it's a complete outfit in one. If I was to choose a pair of jeans I would need to pick out things to match which takes much more effort.

I also find dresses make you look better put together anyway because other people don't seem to think about it. Something I now just find really strange but if I want to feel good then looking good is also important to me.

An Awesome Green Fox Print Dress
A Very Fashionable Dress
Most of the dresses in my wardrobe can be dressed up or down which I love. Of course I still have several which are sparkly or with very full skirts which can't be worn to the library. However with a little bit of layering, a pair of tights or casual shoes most can.

Some girls wear black, some go for a pair of jeans and a nice top but my signature style is definitely dresses. However, now I'm worried that I've told everyone my secret they'll start doing it too and I won't stand out so much.

Claire (G Is For Ging
If you're interested in where any of my dresses came from check out the original posts linked below the photos.

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