Friday, December 29

2017 in Outfits

Hogmanay Celebrations | A Flattering Navy A-Line Dress with Sparkly Heels

Annoyingly I didn't have seventeen outfits to share from 2017 so instead I picked my eight favourites from January through to December to share. It has been a busy year with uni work and as I was away for nine weeks during the summer it made doing outfit photos more difficult. 

However, my first look of the year is probably one of my all time favourites. I got this dress for my Christmas and wore it to a ceilidh at Hogmanay. I love it's classic shape and added sparkle. 

Next is this dress which was bought for a bargain in the H&M sale. It's a different style than I would normally wear but it really comes together with the right accessories. Especially these gorgeous sparkly heeled shoes from Twinkle Deals. 

Blossom Embroidered Denim Jacket | Cactus Print Summer Dress

My mum bought me this denim jacket from Tu (at Sainsburys) and it was a staple of my spring and summer wardrobe. It goes with everything and I loved the embroidered flowers. 

2017 was definitely the year of the cactus for me so when I saw this dress in TK Maxx I wanted it at once. Again it was something I got a lot of wear out of on warmer days and especially when we went to Tenerife in May

Falling in Love with a Paisley Print Maxi Dress | Summer Styling with Fat Face

This paisley print dress is another favourite look from this year - probably because I love the way it photographed. I bought it from Boohoo before I went to Tenerife but it was also so gorgeous I wore it to a wedding in September too. 

A Fat Face sale purchase this top is so pretty for warm summer days. This was another much loved look through the summer and the mini break we took to Poland in September. I don't know why but white/cream blouses are one of my favourite things to style in the summer.

Look how short my hair was during the summer - I want to get it cut again soon!

Learning to Style Dungarees | A Festive Little Black Dress

After months of thinking about it I finally bought my first pair of dungarees as an adult. I'm still working it out but I like how many different ways you can style them - I'm sure you'll see them again in 2018.

Another little black dress but this post is only from last week. As of yet I've not to worn it but hopefully 2018 will give me plenty of reasons. Especially when you can style it with red accessories. 

If you want to know where anything is from just click through to the original post where everything is listed. 

I've also recently done some more chatty personal style posts including 'Outfits That Make You Feel More Confident' and 'The Secret to Wearing Dresses Everyday' which went down very well so hopefully there will be more of those in 2018 too.

Wednesday, December 27

A Tartan Dress from TOBI

Dress: TOBI* | Blouse: New Look | Shoes: New Look (similar)
This is my second look featuring a TOBI dress and I thought this tartan pattern would be great for this time of year. In Scotland I always feel like Tartan is festive and reminds me of Hogmanay (New Year). Of course I layered it to make it a little more seasonally appropriate and how the dress looks even better than it did on the website. 

Like the black dress I also received this one of great quality, thick with a lining too. I like the way the top portion wraps round and ties at the back meaning you can make it fit the way you want it too. Hopefully I'll have somewhere to wear it too soon but it isn't stretchy enough to sit down in so I'm not sure when that will be.

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Sunday, December 24

My week in pictures #250

(from top left) Pre-Christmas treats from my Grandma on Tuesday. After savouring it I finished the 'The Book of Dust' which is one of the best books I've read this year. I finally made a stollen for Christmas on Friday evening. A little Christmas tree for our upstairs sitting room.

As I was full of the cold on Monday I took it easy in the morning. Working on one blog post but apart from that I didn't do very much. On Tuesday I went to meet my Grandma in Perth - we went out for lunch then did a little shopping in the afternoon. She bought me these boots I'd been eyeing up from Clark's for my Christmas and I love them.

On Wednesday my boyfriend and I went to Dundee to pick up a new microwave for his Christmas. We also had a little wander round town but he is now full of the cold so we came home for a dominos for tea. Thursday was lazy although I did take a walk to a new shop in Montrose called 'Rust' where I bought Christmas presents for my mum and dad. 

I popped into town with my mum on Friday to pick up a new last minute things and ingredients to make a stollen. In the afternoon it was a mad dash to get some outfit photos taken before the sun went out (#BloggerProblems). Feeling motivated on Saturday I helped my mum with as much housework as possible so I could get off to Scott's again. We took a walk to Tesco then had curry for tea while watching The Apprentice. 

Christmas Eve always involves housework (yawn) and some last minute present wrapping which is what I'm going to do when I hit publish on this blog post.

Have a very Merry Christmas! Come back for some new posts between Christmas and New Year.

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Friday, December 22

A Festive Little Black Dress

Dress: TOBI* | Heels: New Look | Crown: H&M 
Just two days left until the big day so I've decided to share a festive little black dress with you. This one arrived last week from TOBI and it is perfect for the party season. The length makes it look more sophisticated but the lace at the back really adds to the look.

I was a little worried about ordering from TOBI because the models looked so slim that I wasn't sure how the dress would look on me but I shouldn't have been worried. The large fits me fine and I would normally be a UK size 12. 

The quality of the dress is great too - the skirt is thick and lined so it doesn't cling to my thighs. Although the top section is deliciate it doesn't feel like it would rip. I would normally wear something like this on Christmas day but I'm not going to something so fitted this year so maybe it will come to Budapest with me for New Year.

Have you bought anything from TOBI? I've got a couple more looks coming your way from them in the next couple of weeks. 

Check out last years 'Little Black Dress' look - Hogmanay Celebrations.

Monday, December 18

Ideal Christmas Presents with Groupon

With just seven days until Christmas I've only bought one present - normally I'm pretty chilled but even I'm starting to panic. I'd like to blame it on uni being crazy busy this year but actually I've just had zero inspiration. What do you buy for people who probably don't need more material things? That's where Groupon comes in with gift guides for him (always the people I find are hardest to buy for) as well as her, couples and affordable gifts. 

Groupon is a site I often turn too because when you don't have any ideas often a thoughtful gift like restaurant vouchers or a spa day is better than something they don't really need. If you can go too then it is a win win because you get to spend time with that special someone too.

I'm a student so doing Christmas on a budget is important - if I can buy someone something more expensive for less money that always feels like a win to me. 

1. Afternoon Tea

This is the perfect treat for your best friend, mum or Grandma. I've bought afternoon tea vouchers on Groupon before and not only are they great value but they also have lots of local venues to choose from. 

2. A Spa Day

Another great gift for someone who needs to take some time to relax because it is something they wouldn't normally treat themselves too. Ideal for some quality time together as the vouchers are often for two people. 

3. Jamie's Italian Vouchers

What is better to beat away the January blues than having a nice meal to look forward to? I've had several really good meals at Jamie's Italian and at the moment groupon are offering a two-course meal for two people for £29 (or four people for £58) so if you have one local this would be a great option.

4. A Weekend Getaway

If you're feeling generous this would be a great gift for your other half, parents or best friend. My boyfriend never needs anything but we love to do things together and have something to look forward to in the new year without having to spend a fortune. 

5. A Course (doing something they enjoy)

From photography to dance classes and floristry courses there is bound to be something for everyone. It is great to get out and do something different and if you can learn a new skill then it is even better - a gift that could last a lifetime. 

With alot of these gifts being vouchers they can be bought extremely last minute but still look thoughtful. So what are you still doing here? Go and check out Groupon's gift guides now!

This blog post is in collaboration
with Groupon but love of gift 
giving is all my own!

Sunday, December 17

My week in pictures #249

(from top left) A festive lunch at Zizzi with my Aunty and Uncle on Tuesday. Christmas movies and party food with my flatmate on our last night in the flat together on Thursday. On Friday my boyfriend and I went on a little date night to Cosmo. My digital map for my dissertation is finally coming together - thanks to hours in the library. 
Final week of term and while I would love to have been getting in the Christmas spirit I actually spent four/five days in the library working on my digital map. My boyfriend was supposed to be back from working in Baku on Monday but because of the snow and flight cancellations he didn't make it back until Tuesday making me miss him even more.

Tuesday was the highlight of my week because I went into town to meet my aunty and uncle for Lunch. We went to Zizzi's in Union Square and it was wonderfully festive. The last night in the flat with my flatmate was on Thursday - she loved her Christmas present and we spent the evening eating party food and watching Christmas movies. 

After almost three weeks apart I finally saw my boyfriend again on Friday. We were going to Cosmo for dinner (to stuff ourselves on Chinese and Indian food) - annoyingly I woke up with another horrible cold on Friday but I didn't let it spoil my night. It meant getting packed and out of the flat on Saturday was difficult though. 

We went to Costco on the way home to buy Christmas presents and then Tesco for food. I spend the rest of the day at Scott's decorating the Christmas tree and watching 'The Grinch'. Unfortunately though I felt really bad in the evening and probably wasn't much company. 

After a really long sleep I woke up feeling better so after breakfast it was time to shower and head home for Christmas. I've been a little pathetic today with the cold but mum and I started decorating the Christmas tree and it is nice to have someone to take care of me for a change. 

No new posts on G is for Gingers this week but why not check out my Instagram for more photos from my week - ginger_claire.

Monday, December 11

My week in pictures #248

(from top left) A celebratory burger at The Bobbin after our exam on Monday. I put my Christmas bedding on my bed which makes me so happy. A Christmas Prince is the perfect, cheesy Christmas movie and I loved it. Aberdeen has been so white this week - beautiful but deadly. 
My only exam this semester was on Monday morning and I woke up feeling horrendous. Nonetheless I went to the exam dosed up on lemsips and think I did okay. Afterwards I went for a burger and a pint at the local pub before heading back to the flat and getting into bed at 7:30pm. Bliss! 

Tuesday and Wednesday were used for some much needed R&R and on Thursday I finally felt well enough to go back to the library and make a start on my dissertation. The end of the week was very snowy so I didn't do much else but work. 

On Saturday evening I decided to head to the cinema to see 'The Orient Express' and because I couldn't persuade anyone else to go I went alone. I thought I might find it weird but actually there was other people alone and the film was great so I quickly forgot about it. 

I was back to the library on Sunday morning then in the afternoon I headed to A&E with my flatmate who had fallen on the ice the night before and badly bruised her hip and knee. I've fallen a few time myself but haven't been injured (touch wood) yet. Once we got back we caught up on I'm a Celeb before staying up to watch the final. I'm really happy Toff won but I had been voting for Iain too.

This is the last week of term so one last chance to get some work done and then it's Christmas. I can't wait to head home on Friday!

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Tuesday, December 5

Shop Local this Christmas | Aberdeen Etsy

This Christmas I'm making more of an effort to shop from local and independent businesses. It is all too easy using my Amazon Prime to have things delivered next day but I'm not sure how much satisfaction I get out of it. 

My shopping local trial starting with a trip to Etsy Made Local Aberdeen on Saturday afternoon with my flatmate. There was some really great local designers there who caught my eye so I decided to share five of my favourites on my blog. 

I didn't walk away from the market with lots of presents sadly. I picked up a Christmas card from Claire Paul Illustration for my boyfriend but apart from that I like to think things over and properly consider the gifts I'm going to give.

Claire Paul Draws

Claire's stall caught my eye as soon as we got to the market. Her illustrations are right up my street - my mum would like one of her iphone cases (annoyingly she doesn't have an iPhone though) and I like the polar bear card so I bought it for my boyfriend. My flatmate picked up a beautiful diamond print from her too. She shares lots of her work on Instagram so go check her out!

Juniper Press

Another stall close to Claire's was Laura from Juniper Press. Again I loved her illustrations - especially the camera print which would be perfect for me. If you've got a gin lover in your life (unfortunately I don't) then they would be perfect. I also really liked the little wooden badges she had which would be perfect little gifts. 

Small Stories Scotland

Small Stories Scotland had some great gifts with an Aberdeen theme. I especially liked the wooden decorations and the enameled pins. If I had a baby to buy for the clothes with Aberdeen sayings like 'Fit Like' and 'Loon' on them were really fun.

Ink and Wool Studio

Can you tell I've got a bit of a thing for prints at the moment? If only I had unlimited space to hang them up. I loved the stamped birds in Jenny's collection - my mum would love them too (in fact I regret not buying her a Christmas card). She has a giraffe print too which caught my eye. Plus the little felt birds which could have a place in my home any day.

Gavin Burnett Ceramics

Last but definitely not least are the ceramics from Gavin - I'm going through a phase for tea light holders at the moment and these designs were definitely beautiful. Sadly these pieces are out of my student budget but if you are looking for something special I'd definitely take a look at his shop. 

From what I've seen on social media there looks like there was some great makers there on the Friday and the Sunday I couldn't make it too. I can't wait for next years event already.

Now time to mull over what I'm going to get my family for Christmas...

Sunday, December 3

My week in pictures #247

(from top left) I finished reading 'The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden' - it was a great book. I made the first meal from my Simply Cook box for my mum and dad. A healthy lentil dahl recipe from Jamie Oliver with a fried egg. On Saturday we went down to the Etsy Made Local market in Aberdeen but I will share more about that next week. We put up the little Christmas tree in our flat this weekend. Some healthy porridge bars for snacking during the week.
I woke up at my boyfriends on Monday morning but he was leaving for two weeks in Baku for work so I headed back to see my parents. I spent the days revising and the evening reading in front of the fire. It would have been perfect apart from the cold that started on Monday evening - thankfully Lemsips have been keeping me alive since then. 

On Thursday afternoon, in the snow, I caught the train back to Aberdeen. I wanted to have a couple of days studying and getting things sorted for my exam on Monday. Annoying I felt the worse that I've felt all week on Friday night.

I felt better when I woke up on Saturday so I was able to get revision done before going to meet my flatmate in town for the Etsy Local Aberdeen Market. There was some really great things there - I've got a blog post planned for next week though. Once we got home we started putting up our Christmas tree - what do you think?

Sunday was a great day because I stayed in bed for hours - reading 'La Belle Sauvage' and my revision notes. I only got up to go to Tesco to get an orange to do some baking. I made these porridge bars for some healthy snacking during the week, had a bath then made pizza for tea. The perfect Sunday even if I do say so myself. 

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