2017 in Outfits

Friday, December 29

Hogmanay Celebrations | A Flattering Navy A-Line Dress with Sparkly Heels

Annoyingly I didn't have seventeen outfits to share from 2017 so instead I picked my eight favourites from January through to December to share. It has been a busy year with uni work and as I was away for nine weeks during the summer it made doing outfit photos more difficult. 

However, my first look of the year is probably one of my all time favourites. I got this dress for my Christmas and wore it to a ceilidh at Hogmanay. I love it's classic shape and added sparkle. 

Next is this dress which was bought for a bargain in the H&M sale. It's a different style than I would normally wear but it really comes together with the right accessories. Especially these gorgeous sparkly heeled shoes from Twinkle Deals. 

Blossom Embroidered Denim Jacket | Cactus Print Summer Dress

My mum bought me this denim jacket from Tu (at Sainsburys) and it was a staple of my spring and summer wardrobe. It goes with everything and I loved the embroidered flowers. 

2017 was definitely the year of the cactus for me so when I saw this dress in TK Maxx I wanted it at once. Again it was something I got a lot of wear out of on warmer days and especially when we went to Tenerife in May

Falling in Love with a Paisley Print Maxi Dress | Summer Styling with Fat Face

This paisley print dress is another favourite look from this year - probably because I love the way it photographed. I bought it from Boohoo before I went to Tenerife but it was also so gorgeous I wore it to a wedding in September too. 

A Fat Face sale purchase this top is so pretty for warm summer days. This was another much loved look through the summer and the mini break we took to Poland in September. I don't know why but white/cream blouses are one of my favourite things to style in the summer.

Look how short my hair was during the summer - I want to get it cut again soon!

Learning to Style Dungarees | A Festive Little Black Dress

After months of thinking about it I finally bought my first pair of dungarees as an adult. I'm still working it out but I like how many different ways you can style them - I'm sure you'll see them again in 2018.

Another little black dress but this post is only from last week. As of yet I've not to worn it but hopefully 2018 will give me plenty of reasons. Especially when you can style it with red accessories. 

If you want to know where anything is from just click through to the original post where everything is listed. 

I've also recently done some more chatty personal style posts including 'Outfits That Make You Feel More Confident' and 'The Secret to Wearing Dresses Everyday' which went down very well so hopefully there will be more of those in 2018 too.

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