My Year in Pictures 2017

Tuesday, January 2

  • At the start of the year my flatmate visited me for a few days - it was nice to show her round my home.
  • La La Land remains one of the best films I've seen this year. 
  • To try and be healthier this year I started making 'energy bites' to snack on during the day and after the gym. 
  • In March Scott and I went to Nick Nairn's Cookery School and learnt to make beef wellington - something we've yet to recreate at home. 
  • Scott took me on a little birthday getaway to Pitlochry and we climbed Ben Vrackie.
  • I had my birthday dinner with my friends at the Boozy Cow in Aberdeen.
  • For easter I made my first simnel cake which went down well (even if I did forget to take it away with me). 
  • One of my not so little cousins joined us at our annual family holiday in Aviemore this year.
  • In April Scott and I had a few days in Glasgow to recharge.
  • Aberdeen was filled with street art this year for a special festival.
  • I voted for the first time at a polling station for the Scottish council elections.
  • Ahead of a busy summer of uniwork I treated myself to an iPad mini (best purchase ever!)

  • Our bees swarmed at the start of summer and I found the along the road from our house in a hedge - that was lucky.
  • I went with my boyfriend and his parents to the Scottish cup final in Glasgow - it's a shame Aberdeen didn't win.
  • Ten days in Tenerife in May was just what the doctor ordered.
  • I then spent 10 days in Torridon as part of my geology degree. 
  • Seven weeks of my summer was spent mapping Durness and Faraid Head for my geology dissertation. 
  • To keep me sane I got really addicted to 'My Dad Wrote a Prono' - it's hilarious and if you haven't listen already you should!
  • My much loved moto G didn't survive mapping so I became and iPhone user this summer.
  • Of course I missed my own dogs while I was away but it was nice to have Bernie around for company.
  • As a treat for surviving mapping Scott took me to Poland for a few days at the end of August.
  • Happy to be reunited with my boyfriend we went to a wedding together in September.
  • A new term addition to my bedroom - I love this grid with memories from the past year.
  • In October I went on my final residential field trip to Caithness

  • After handing in my mapping project in September I got it back just a month later with positive feedback. 
  • I got invited to the opening night of Lane 7 in Aberdeen - an awesome new bowling place in the center. 
  • I finally went to see Grease with my flatmate and her family - dream come true.
  • I finished reading 'The Girl Who Saved The King of Sweden' which was one of my favourite books of the year. 
  • Home for Christmas with our lovely big tree (extra bright with LED lights this year).
  • We flew to Budapest for New Year (I'm hoping I can say it was amazing but I'm writing this post in advance so you'll just have to wait).

This time last year I was facing a scary year - nervous for seven weeks away from my family and boyfriend but I survived and it has been a pretty special year. I've been to Tenerife, Poland and by the time your reading this Budapest too. I've also spent time in Pitlochry, Aviemore, Glasgow, Torridon, Durness and Thurso which is a lot of Scotland in one year. 

I've done some pretty great things inbetween too. The highlights include going to Nick Nairns Cookery School, the Scottish cup final and handing in my mapping project. I'm spending New Year in Budapest too which is crazy.

Arguable 2018 is going to be even more scary and I've no idea what life will be like this time next year. I'll be handing in my dissertation in January (which makes me feel sick) and hopefully graduating in June. I'll stop being a student which will come with big changes (hopefully a good job) and a change of home too when fingers crossed I move into my boyfriends flat. 

Until then it will be a lot of hard work... I'm going to need some luck!

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