5 Things That Annoy Me More Than They Should

Tuesday, January 30

Tile Style Keyfinder*
Few things annoy me when out walking is when people stop in the middle of crossings or box junction meaning when I see the green man. It's just so inconsiderate. 

Another things that annoys me when driving is when people don't use their indicators. Not only is it dangerous you end up waiting at roundabouts because you don't know where people are going. Drivers also get annoyed when I cross a junction in front of them when they didn't indicate... explain that?

Phrases like 'best day ever' and 'horrific' really annoy me. Especially on social media where they are well over used and it simply isn't true. Just don't exaggerate around me. 

I believe there is a place in hell for students who sit at the end of a row in lecture theatres meaning you have to ask them to move just to find a seat. If your there first just go to the middle of a row.

I've always been 'careless' and I've been getting better but I still constantly losing things! That's where the Tile Style* comes in, available from Maplin, it attaches to everyday items and allows you to track them via the app. Currently mine is on my keys but I think I'll move it to something more valuable like my handbag or camera. 

The app is really easy to use and you can see exactly where your tile is then make it ring so you can find it. You can also make your phone ring with a double press on the tile itself which is the feature I find most useful!  

What annoys you more than it should? Let me know in the comments.

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