My week in pictures #254

Sunday, January 28

(from top left) After months of chasing from my mum I finally got round to getting my flu jag on Monday afternoon. I finished watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch and although season 7 wasn't my favourite it was good to rewatch them all. At home with my boys on Monday night. I made peanut soup for a blog post - did you see it? I made Bokkeumbap this week which was delicious. I also made some delicious banana muffins to use up some old bananas we had. 
It was a busy start to the week with a trip home after my lecture on Monday to get my flu jag. I stopped off at home for the night and made the most of my time - chatting to my parents, taking some outfit pictures and making use of their food processor. 

Just over 24 hours later I was back on the train to Aberdeen. Wednesday was busy and annoyingly I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and thinking nothing of it I went to Zumba and made soup in the afternoon which only seemed to make it worse. Followed by a breakdown when a tin of coconut milk ended up on the kitchen floor I'm lucky my boyfriend was around to pick up the pieces.

The rest of my week passed pretty uneventfully with more uni and no gym trips (ouch my shoulder is still sore) I did tidy out a kitchen cupboard and it was warm enough to open the windows in the flat so little wins. 

I've spent Sunday so far in bed reading some blogs (and leaving lots of comments) and working on this blog post. Scott will be over soon and I'm hoping he will take me to Costco before we get the ingredients to make haggis burgers for tea.  

I hope everyone else has had a good week and a lazy weekend!

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