My week in pictures #251

Monday, January 8

(from top left) Bundi sitting proudly in front of the Christmas tree. Europe by night while we were flying to Budapest for New Year. In Hero's square in Budapest on the last day of January. Pizza at Jamie's Pizzeria on New Years Eve - they were delicious. Christmas decorations were beautiful in Hungary. On Sunday night we made the first dish from Rick Stein's Mexico - the meatballs were so tasty.     
Christmas at home with my family was lovely and spending the last few days of the year exploring a new city with my best friend was more that I could have asked for this time last year. 

It's not surprising then that most of my photos are from Budapest but I don't want to go into too much detail about our trip now. I'm saving the rest of my photos for a post later this week. 

Once I got back it was full steam ahead with my dissertation. It is doable but I still feel like I have a lot of work to do before the deadline. I've spent most of the past week working towards that but on Friday mum insured me on the car so I got to do a little driving. 

On Saturday afternoon I went up to Scotts - we just chilled in the evening, took down the Christmas tree then ordered a Dominos. 

Sunday was another lazy day and because it was so cold we only left the house to go to Lidl. I have this terrible habit of going to Scott's on Saturday night with the promise of going home on Sunday then I don't want to leave... oops!

Next week is going to be more of the same until my dissertation deadline. Wish me luck! 

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