What I Got For Christmas 2017

Thursday, January 4

Another Christmas is over already so I thought it was about time I showed you some of the things I was given. I've not been around much over the past week because I scheduled a lot of my content while I was away in Budapest for New Year.

We always spend Christmas at home with my aunt and uncle and this year one of my brothers friends joined us too. On boxing day my boyfriend came over for a second Christmas dinner which always feels really special to me.

I got some lovely things this year - some were surprizes and others I gave a hand in picking. I'm sure I don't need to point this out but this post is just for those of you who are interested (I'm not bragging!)

My mum picked these Fat Face boots up for me on eBay because I was in desperate need of something warm for my feet. I'd been looking at similar things for a while so I knew they were right for me.

To open on Christmas day they gave me this fun polar bear ice cube tray. They actually have one too so I had been hinting. I love giraffes so mum got my these earring from a market stall that benefits people in Africa. 

The presents from my boyfriend were a complete surprise because I knew he was buying them last minute. The candy cane lane Yankee Candle is my favourite Christmas scent and I'm partial to a hot chocolate (and a doughnut) so these were lovely.

I love Nadiya on Bake Off but never considered her book before - flicking through it though I know it is something I'll use a lot. Paella is one of our favourite things to make but we've never had a proper dish before now. I can't wait to start using it and get really good at making them. 

The week leading up to Christmas I went to meet my Grandma for lunch and we went shopping afterwards. She bought me this scarf in M&S because I loved the colour (and I wore it everyday while we were away). 

I've been lusting after these boots for months so when I saw Clarks had a sale I popped in and Grandma offered to buy them for me. I know I'm going to wear them to death because they are so comfy.

My boyfriends Mum works in the dentist so the toothpaste was a jokey present. There are 50 mini tubes in there though and it is my favourite brand so I was happy. 

I've already started to fill the money pot with coins and the Yankee Candles will be burned over the new few months too. I still have the Galaxy but it is quickly disappearing... 

It's hit or miss if I get a Christmas present from my brother but this year was a huge hit. These slipper socks come all the way up to my knees so are super warm. He bought them for the Mexican shop we like in Stockbridge, Edinburgh if anyone is interested. 

Last but definitely not least I got some gift vouchers from my extended family. TK Maxx is a shop I'm in alot but I'm going to save these for something I really need/want later in the year. Especially as the Love2Shop vouchers can be used there too.

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone all the best for 2018.

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