Spectra - Aberdeen's Festival of Light 2018

Thursday, February 15

This past weekend we went into Aberdeen city centre to check out the 2018 Spectra festival. I've been excited about this event for a while after loving last years installations. So once it was dark and the temperatures below zero we headed into town to check out the three locations at Union Terrace Gardens, St. Nicholas Kirk and Marischal College. 

Union Terrace Gardens had some really cool interactive exhibits including the Vivendimultiplex (bike race) and the Lateral Office (big light-up seesaws). I also really enjoyed all the UV art and the domed made some cool photos. 

We didn't get the most out of St. Nicholas Kirk which is a shame because their installation last year was my favourite. We missed the queue for going inside the kirk and as it was so cold we decided against going back and joining the end again. 

Finally we made it along to the centre of Marischal College to see the impressive projections on the building which were mesmerising and in the dark the lightening looked so real. Again we missed out here again because the queue to go inside was twenty five minutes, we hadn't had our tea yet and the rain was threatening so we decided it was time to warm up again. 

Hopefully they will but on an equally good event next year but sadly for me it fell a little bit short this year. We still had a good evening though and took some cool photos.

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