My week in pictures #257

Monday, February 19

(from top left) On Tuesday I went with my flatmate for afternoon tea at Cup in Aberdeen. Valentines pizza with my boyfriend on Wednesday night. I finished reading 'Some Kind of Wonderful' on Friday and despite my initial reservations I really enjoyed it. I finished watching McMafia this weekend too which I also really enjoyed. On Sunday my boyfriend and I drove over to St. Andrews for a wander and an excuse to get out of the house. In the evening my boyfriend made the most delicious Mac and Cheese for tea - yum!
My week started off with a productive Monday at uni doing lots of work. Then on Tuesday I went to Body Balance again before going out for Afternoon tea with my flatmate. She had vouchers for Cup in Aberdeen so we took full advantage of their luxury afternoon tea. I've got a review to follow so check back later in the week. 

Valentines day passed without anything really exciting happening. I was in uni all morning and my boyfriend was working late so we ordered a Papa Johns and caught up on Silent Witness. On Thursday I had a lecture in the morning then an assessment to hand in so it was a busy morning. In the afternoon I dragged myself to the gym for the third time this week. 

Friday mornings are normally pretty chilled until I go to uni after lunch, afterwards I came home for tea and finished McMafia and Strangers Things before my boyfriends colleagues started begging me to come meet them all in town... so obviously I did! I spent the night in my boyfriends hotel room and decided I wanted to spend the rest of the weekend with him so I had to come back to my flat to back. 

Once we got home on Saturday afternoon we had a nice chilled evening and a take away curry. Then on Sunday, because we needed to get out of the house, we drove over to St. Andrews and had a nice wander around. Scott made Mac and Cheese for Sunday tea and it was one of the tastiest ones I've ever had. Honestly spending the whole weekend with him just makes me miss him more when we are apart. 

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