My week in pictures #259

Sunday, March 4

(from top left) This week Aberdeen was covered in snow like much of the UK. On Thursday we had a movie night and caught up on Spider-Man Homecoming. I went for a freezing cold walk on Saturday and stopped off at Burger King to warm up. It's been a rubbish week so I treated myself to some new bedding covered in geometric dinosaur
My week started really positively until Monday afternoon when I started to feel really sick. I must have caught some sort of sickness bug which left me in bed all day Tuesday and Wednesday. I felt really guilty falling behind with uni work and letting my friends down but there really wasn't anything I could do. 

On Friday I started to feel a lot better so made it along to uni in the afternoon then at night I eat curry and watched 'Doctor Strange'. On Saturday cabin fever was really setting in so I dragged myself out in the icy cold for a walk down to the beach. Obviously because I've had such a rubbish week I treated myself to lunch and a new duvet cover. 

Sunday has been another slow day... like the rest of the week. Not being well and the freezing temperatures have really effected my mental health. I've got lots to look forward to in March though and my boyfriend is coming over later for pizza so things are looking up. It's just been a rubbish week...

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