My week in pictures #258

Sunday, February 25

(from top left) This week we did experiments to measure the viscosity of golden syrup. On Thursday my flatmate and I went along to see Black Panther at the cinema and it was great. A few treats after going shopping with my mum on Saturday. Bundi was as excited as me that Scotland won the Calcutta Cup after 10 years. 
After spending the weekend at Scott's I had an early start on Monday to get back to Aberdeen for uni. Then a busy day working on various projects I was so ready for bed when I got home. On Tuesday I managed to get along to Body Balance again then had time to go to town in the afternoon to look at ball dresses. 

Unusually, Wednesday was my busiest day at uni because I was in from 9am to 4pm without a break for lunch. Thankfully Scott was over in the evening so I didn't have to make tea all by myself and we finished watching this years Silent Witness. 

On Thursday, after uni and the gym, my flatmate and I went to see Black Panther. It isn't my favourite Marvel film but it is pretty high up there. On Friday I was rushing around in the morning before uni so I could meet Scott afterwards and get a lift to the doctors.

Finally in the evening I was home for the weekend. I've missed my family a lot since I was last home to see them. On Saturday I went shopping with my mum - we were looking for a pair of walking boots for my birthday. My cousins met us in Dundee and we went to KFC for lunch and it was so nice to see them. 

We ended up back in Dundee on Sunday too. My folks wanted to look at mattresses and another pair of boots I hadn't already tried on. They weren't for me after all but I picked up a gorgeous blouse in Asda on the way home. Tonight I'm staying at Scott's again so I can get a lift back to Aberdeen in the morning. 

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