My week in pictures #263

Monday, April 2

my week in pictures
(from top left) Monday started with a field trip to Hopeman on the Moray coast. Wednesday was Scott and Is 4 anniversary so I made him a car. Since it is the end of term and I worked hard I treated myself to a new handbag from Accessorise. We've booked flights for a summer adventure. 
The last week of term was full on. We started with a field trip to Hopeman on the Moray firth. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I got home shattered after being outside all day. The rest of the week was spent working on two group projects and an individual assignment. It was stressful but I found out that we got an A for our group presentation and I'm so proud of the poster our field trip group submitted on Friday morning. 

As well as being a super busy week I also started feeling pretty rubbish with the cold on Tuesday but there wasn't time to lie in bed feeling sorry for myself - as much as I might have wanted too. Scott came round on Wednesday and although I was pretty grumpy it was still lovely to see him after a whole week apart. 

I didn't have any plans for the weekend until Friday morning when a friend I've not seen in ages asked if Scott and I wanted to go out for tea (which obviously we did) so on Saturday I got the train back to Montrose. Saturday afternoon was spent on the sofa booking flights for an incredible trip to Vietnam in May - I might be mad for sitting on a plane for 14 hours but I'm so excited. 

In the evening we met Iain for a curry and didn't stop talking for hours. We went for a couple of pints afterwards but we were all pretty tired so it didn't take long before we were heading to bed. Sunday was pretty lazy apart from a trip to Scott's dads boat in the sunshine and making pizza for tea. 

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