How I Stay Motivated at the Gym

Tuesday, April 3

some tips for staying motivated at the gym exercise and swimming

I'm not your typical gym bunny but the two years since I got a gym membership I've learnt a few things to keep me going back to the gym on a regular basis. My aim is to make it to the gym twice a week and do another form of exercise on a third day. This definitely gets harder towards to end of term but mostly I stick to that schedule. That being said here are some things I've learnt:

Try to go at the same time every week - and stick to it! 

Figure out what time works best for you and your timetable on a weekly basis. If I go to the gym every Tuesday (which I pretty much do) then skipping a week makes me feel guilty and I don't do it. If something comes up I still try really hard to fit in my workout instead of just skipping it. Obviously it isn't always possible but you would be surprised what you can manage when you really try.  

Have a routine when you go to the gym or pool so you stay focused. 

On days where I'm really not feeling it (that happens a lot) or days when I'm feeling stressed about the uni work I'm not doing I find having a routine really helps me. That way I stay focused and I know the quicker I go though my work out the quicker I get out of the gym. 

swimming goggles from simply swim
Swimming Goggles from Simply Swim

Find an exercise you really enjoy doing so it isn't a chore.

If going to the gym isn't for you find something else you really enjoy. My main passion is swimming, I wrote about it this time last year, and it's one of the exercises I really enjoy doing. Which leads me nicely onto my new swimming goggles from Simply Swim.

I spent a while browsing but ultimately choose these Aqua Sphere goggles because of the sparkly purple colour. I've tested them out a few times now and they are the best pair of goggles I've ever owned. They don't mist up like my old pair, they feel secure without digging into my head and I'm not having to constantly rearrange them when I'm swimming. The little clip on the side also means I can adjust them without having to take them off which is really handy. 

If you don't feel like going try out some different classes.

Sometime you just can't find the motivation no matter how hard you try so why not book yourself into a new class. I recently started Body Balance and I'm loving it. I also go to Zumba every Wednesday which comes under my first point about choosing a time and sticking to it. 

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