Why I Think it is Important to Print Your Photos

Thursday, April 5

printing your photos for photo albums or scrapbooks with la la lab
Prints: La La Lab | Scrapbook: Hobbycraft | Photo Album: Paperchase 

Roughly every sixth months I go through all my photos and pick out my favourites to get printed. Upload them to a website that takes all the hassle of out it for you like La La Lab and wait for them to arrive. Sometimes it is difficult making sure all my photos are together then picking my favourites but when they arrive in the post it is all worth it. 

In a world fuelled by social media it is easy to take 100s of photos and just forget about them. However, I'm a sentimental person so I don't want that to happen to my memories. So whither that's making a collage for my wall, scrapbooking or simply putting them in a frame I like to do something with all the pictures I take. With my previous La La Lab order I bought a grid from idea to display them on my wall but with most recently delivery of prints I wanted to make a photo album dedicated to the seven week I spent in Durness last summer.

Personally, I find going through photos from the past year, re-ordering them and putting them together really therapeutic. It reminds me of all the amazing things that I've done with friends, family and of course Scott. Then for the few hours I have my scrapbook out I can do something creative and not think about any other worries. 

Holiday photos are my favourite to look through afterwards because they hold such special memories. If your looking for some travel inspiration why not check out Travel Twix for handpicked travel deals. 

Basically I think everyone should take the time to print their photos and take things a little bit slower.

Disclaimer - These prints were a gift in turn for including the above link in a blog post.

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