5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #1

Monday, June 25

5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Welcome to my first post in my new series 'Things That Made Me Happy This Week' - I felt like things needed shaken up a little around here and the week of my graduation felt like the best time to do it. There also won't be the pressure on my to write a post every week anymore so we shall see where it goes. So without further ado here is the things that made me happy this week.

1. My graduation day

I was both nervous and excited on the morning of my graduation. I don't want to say to much in this post but I didn't have high hopes for the day itself but I went to bed with the fuzziest, warmest, happiest feeling. I'm going to write a separate post all about it this week. 

2. Spending quality time with my parents

My parents were still in Aberdeen the day after my graduation so we met up for lunch then went to the national trust for Scotland garden at Pitmedden which brought back lovely memories of the week we spent on holiday there which I was a kid. 

3. My flatmates graduation

On Thursday I was lucky enough to get to spend the day celebrating my flatmates graduation with her and her family. We went for lunch at Prezzo in Marischal Square and it was just lovely.

4. My new Ikea furniture (and building it with my boyfriend)

Before officially moving in with my boyfriend my parents picked up a new wardrobe and drawers from Ikea and dropped them off at Scott's. On Saturday we spent a happy few hours putting them together and it finally felt like it was starting to be my home too. 

5. Moving in with Scott

Now my student days are officially behind me I moved in with my boyfriend on Friday. This has been the plan for almost four years and I couldn't be happier that I will get to see my favourite person everyday. Even if it does still make me a little sad that I won't be spending so much time with my parents. 

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