My week in pictures #272

Sunday, June 17

(from top left) Fish and chips for lunch at Brodie Country Fair. Got my haircut before my graduation on Monday. Had a little visitor on Friday when my flatmates family brought their dog round. I finished reading 'The Girl Friend' - I would totally recommend it. On Saturday we went to check out the Etsy Aberdeen Summer Showcase. One final dinner at the bobbin and a couple of bottles of wine.
This week started with a trip to Inverness with my flatmate. To visit her parents, see their new house and see Misty too. On Tuesday we took her Gran out for lunch at Brodie Country Fair and stuffed ourselves on fish and chips. Before we knew it our short trip was over and we were heading back to Aberdeen on Wednesday afternoon. 

On Friday I went to get my hair cut so it was looking fresh for graduation on Monday. I really like the length it was last summer so I got quite a bit cut off and it feels so good. 

Despite the rain on Saturday I headed into town to meet my flatmate after work. We had a wander round the shops and checked out the 'Etsy Aberdeen Summer Showcase' taking place in the St. Nicholas centre. There were some great sellers (some I recognised from the Christmas market) and I couldn't resist one of these doric stickers for my boyfriends dad. 

In the evening we went to The Bobbin for the final time. Grabbed something to eat and drank a bit to much wine too. Thankfully Sunday was a chilled day so it didn't matter that I felt really rough. 

After 272 posts I think this will be my last 'Week in Pictures' posts. Things have been needing a shake up for a while and with graduation and moving next week this seems like a good time to stop. 

Instead I'm thinking of something along the lines of Sophie's 10 favourites this week but I'm not sure how to make the post my own yet. Stay tuned and hopefully there will be something new next Sunday.  

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