5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #2

Monday, July 9

I've now been living with my boyfriend for a whole two weeks and I'm pretty darn happy about that. Time has been passing so quickly but that probably has something to do with the sunshine.

1. An Ikea Trip with my Boyfriend

My boyfriend took Monday off work so we jumped in the car and headed to Edinburgh for a much needed Ikea trip. I've not been in ages and just really fancied a browse but it also meant we could pick up some essentials including two chairs and a table for the garden.

2. Christening our New Garden Furniture

Following on from my first point we got to christen our new dinning set by having tea in the garden. It's very rare in Scotland that it is still warm enough in the evening but our garden is quite sheltered so it was such a treat.  

3. Being able to Spent Time Outside Reading 

I feel like I missed out on a lot being away for the whole of the summer in 2017 but a little thing I missed the most was being able to take my book into the garden and read it in the sunshine. So that is basically how I spent the whole of Tuesday. 

4. Spending Time with my Little Cousin at the Park

I got a message out of the blue on Saturday asking if I was around because my cousins were heading through to our town. I didn't have a lot of free time but I was able to go and meet them at the park then go for a milkshake which was lovely. 

5. The New Home Bargain in our Town

A little bit sad maybe but I love Home Bargain and I'm excited to have a huge one within walking distance of our house. I did get a chance to go in on Sunday but my boyfriend was with me so I didn't get to have a proper browse... 

A final moment that made me smile this week - when we were out with my boyfriends parents on Saturday his mum got a text from her friend who actually lives upstairs from us. The message contained a picture of her dog looking sad with the caption 'when you realise your favourite neighbours aren't in the garden'. Bless her!

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