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Wednesday, July 18

Jack Wolfskin Womens Arroyo Jacket - Simply Hike*
After spending seven weeks in the great outdoors last summer (mostly in the rain too) I know a thing or two about good outdoor clothing. So when Simply Hike got in touch about reviewing an item from their Jack Wolfskin range I couldn't turn them down. 

If there is one tip I would pass on about buying outdoor clothing it is to go with a good quality, well known brand. You get what you pay for in clothing like this and whether it is boots or jackets you want to know they will keep you warm and dry however you choose you enjoy the outdoors.

For me Jack Wolfskin is one of these brands that you can depend on. My boyfriend already has a similar lightweight waterproof and it has never let him down. However, that does not mean I want to pay more for quality when you don't have to. That's where Simply Hike come in because this Womens Arroyo Jacket comes in at £30 less than the RRP which is a great little saving compared with buying it direct from Jack Wolfskin.

Thanks to this glorious heatwave at the moment I've not been able to test this jacket out in the rain yet but I know it will be totally waterproof. It is made from Texapore Smoothlight 2l is a smooth face fabric made from special yarn that is "quieter" than other versions of Texapore. I can stand by that fact and it feels really soft too.

Living in Scotland a jacket like this is essential for summer. It is lightweight and easy to wear when it is raining but not cold. It's wind resistant so when it is a bit cold it will give you that extra layer of warmth. Finally, and maybe most importantly, it is small enough to pack in the bottom of a bad 'just incase' because if you don't bring it you will definitely need it.   

I've loved wearing so far and I will continue enjoying it into autumn for those 'normally' all too frequent rainy days in Scotland. 

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