Hidden Fashion Floral Jumpsuit

Friday, August 17

Jumpsuit: Hidden Fashion* | Heels: F&F at Tesco (similar)
Look at me - back with another outfit post just one week after I had a little rant about not feeling like a fashion blogger anymore. I'm also back wearing another jumpsuit and this time it is from Hidden Fashion. I've never come across their site before but I was impressed by their collection of jumpsuits, playsuits and co-ords. I was pleased that my package arrived quickly and was beautifully packages too. 

It arrived in the post earlier this week and I put it on immediately. I love the bold, colourful pattern - purple is one of my favourite colours and the orange accents pair nicely with the F&F heels I bought for my graduation. The fit is also really good because you can adjust the shoulder straps getting it just right for you and tie it round the waist so it looks flattering on your figure. 

I put a pin in the top to make it a little less booby because that fits in better with my style but you can still see quite a lot of cleavage. It's going to be the perfect outfit for dressing up for my next girls night or even date night at a nice restaurant. 

Have you every come across Hidden Fashion before? There are lots of bargains to be had on their site. 

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