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Wednesday, August 15

If one thing has been come increasingly important to me over the past few years it is only buying cruelty free make up, skincare and household products. Not always an easy task without going out of your way. That's why I love that all Aldi's entire own-label household and beauty range has been accredited as cruelty free certified by Cruelty Free International. Meaning I can pick up the bits I need while I'm doing a food shop.

Hot Cloth Cleanser - £3.99
The stand out product for me at the moment is their Hot Cloth Cleanser. I've been using it regularly for the past few weeks and have been loving going to bed with such a fresh face. I also own the Liz Earl cleanser and this one is every bit as good - plus is doesn't sting my eyes as much. At £3.99 it is a bargain and something I will be repurchasing when it runs out. 

Q10 Day Cream - £1.45 | Multi Intensive Serum - £2.99
I bought these two products for those days when my skin is feeling quite dry. I have to moisturise more in the winter and I can tell these products are going to be very nourishing on my skin. The day cream also has SPF 20 which is a must for summer. You wouldn't believe you can get such a good face cream for only £1.45 that leaves your skin feeling soft.

Exfoliating Mud Mask - £5.99
I used this mask for the first time this morning and my skin feels so much healthier now. I've been having a little trouble with breakouts and not it is feeling refreshed. With Green Tea Extract, Witch Hazel, Clay, Red Algae Extract it minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines. 

Miracle Cream - £3.99
This is a dupe for the cult product Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream and because that is well out of my budget I snapped this up. I've not had any major skin problems since purchasing it but I did use it around my nose after having a cold on Monday and in the morning my skin was lovely as soft again. I can't wait to see what else this product can do. 

Coffee Scrub - £6.99
I've never used a coffee scrub before but after using this one I'm a convert. My legs felt so soft after my shower I couldn't stop touching them. Obviously the most expensive product of all the ones I tested but well worth it and this big bag is going to last me for a while.

Spray Moisturiser - £1.99 | Moisturising Face Wash - £0.85
Last but no least I picked up a few more basics while I was there. This moisturising spray is really good for controlling how much product you use and left my legs soft after shaving. I also picked up this face wash for a quick fix in the shower if my skin isn't feeling to clean. I'm also using their deodorant and shampoo at the moment purely because of the leaping bunny logo and I don't have any complaints.   

Have you picked up something from Aldi you love? I'd love to know because I'm definitely a convert now to their products. 

I was kindly gifted vouchers to these buy products from

Aldi but passion for cruelty free beauty is all my own.

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