Choosing Furniture to Fit a Small Kitchen

Tuesday, October 23

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Our kitchen isn't tiny but it also isn't big enough for two people who like to cook. When my boyfriend and I are in there together we tend to get under each others feet quite a bit which is annoying. Today I'm going to share some tips and ideas for designing a small kitchen. For example, how to fit a dining table in a small kitchen.

Currently we don't have any sort of table in our kitchen because there isn't a lot of space. What we do have room for, however, is a bar table and bar stools like the ones from Furnish Your Home. My favourite is the Ashton Bar Stool in red which would be a great, colourful addition to the room. Having a table and somewhere to sit would mean one of us could work and not be in anyone else's way. Plus bar stools take up much less space than a conventional table so it is a win win. 

At Furnish Your Home, each bar stool design varies, from the colours available to the backrests and adjustable heights to contemporary design and traditional bar stools. Meaning there will be something for everyones taste. You aren't even restricted to the kitchen if you fancy a bar stool in your house. They also have styles perfect for home offices, games rooms, a bar area in your home and even a vanity corner of your bedroom.

Another tip I have for maximising the space in your kitchen is to use shelves. Open shelving is really on trend at the moment but it can be practical as well as decorative too. Display all your cook books and set out all your nice dishes, glasses and cups. If you've forked out for quality cookware or a stand mixer you shouldn't hide them away. Not to mention it will leave space on the worktops and cupboards for prep rather than storage. 

Good lighting, something else that is missing in our kitchen, will also make a room feel bigger which is never a bad thing. Having the Vercelli Light hanging over your table will make sure your dinner and instagram shots are always well light. Then choose a fitting that can be pointed in different directions to go above the main space - this way every area will get an equal amount of light and you won't be chopping your vegetables in the dark. 

Have you ever considered bar stools for your kitchen - I'd love to know so leave me a comment below. 

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