The V&A Dundee and Lunch at Tatha Kitchen and Bar

Friday, October 19

I visited the V&A Dundee with my parents for the second time last Friday. There wasn't a massive queue outside, my parents now have memberships so we could go to the exhibition and we booked a table at Tatha for lunch. I've seen lots of posts about the new design museum in Dundee but I still want to talk about it. We've been watching it slowly rise out of the Tay for four years and I couldn't wait to go inside.

The main space is spectacular with just glimpse of the river tay meaning to museum is much more focused towards the interiors than the view outside. Personally, I don't think it is the best position for the cafe as soon as you enter because it makes the space feel a little crowded and messy but I'm confident it will change and adapt as they see how things work. 

Obviously, I was most looking forward to lunch at Tatha Kitchen and Bar. A beautiful, well light space with amazing views of the RSS Discovery and the River Tay. The four of us each choose a main dish and shared a bottle of wine between three while we watched the rain pour outside. Very atmospheric. 

My mum and I both picked the 'Chargrilled Chicken Bagel' from the Brunchy/Lunchy menu at £9.25. Overall I thought it was great value for under £10 and the chips were delicious. The bacon on the bagel was some of the best I've ever had and the egg was perfectly cooked. However, the bagel was quite thick and not toasted enough for my liking meaning it was kind of difficult to get through. 

All in all we really enjoyed our lunch. There is no doubt the restaurant is a beautiful setting and service was good, if not particularly attentive, but I'm sure there are improvements to be made as the kitchen and staff find there feet. I want to go back if not just to try the chocolate brioche french toast. You can check out the full menu online

Word of warning it was fully booked and they turned people away almost constantly when we were there. 

Finally we got to go round the Ocean Liners exhibition. Normally tickets are £12 each but because my parents have memberships they each got a guest in for free. I'd seen a few snaps online but in the most I wasn't sure what to expect from the exhibition. 

I can honestly say that this is one of the best curated exhibitions I've ever seen. Throughout you really felt like you were experiencing life on board the world’s greatest ocean liners. From the building of these impressive boats to the artistry that went into creating the first class rooms to the people who traveled. 

Every room was fascinating and much bigger than I expected it to be. Overall, we spent a good hour/hour and a half walking round looking at everything which for me was the perfect amount of time. 

Hopefully you enjoy the snaps I took but I would urge you to go and see it for yourself if you can.

The only section we didn't have time to full explore was the permanent exhibition because it was so busy. Definitely an excuse to go back again when the kids are at school. 

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