Finding Last-Minute Cruise Deals with Azamara Club Cruises

Monday, December 17

We are big fans of a last-minute booking – our Vietnam trip was booked just a month before we left and, most recently, we booked flights to Orlando with just under two weeks to go. Having a short countdown makes it much more exciting and you can start planning knowing you don’t have long to wait. 

Something we’ve never done is book a cruise, even though the idea of visiting lots of places is exciting, because of the price. However, if you look for a last-minute cruise deal with Azamara Club Cruises you are guaranteed a reduced price on their staterooms. All the cruises are departing in the next two months (so it doesn’t have to be super last-minute) but there are cruises leaving as early as next week if you want to escape the British weather for a while.

The cruises themselves look amazing! New Year’s Eve in Rio sounds like such a party, New Zealand looks beautiful and the Antarctica would be an adventure. I know I would find it so hard to pick where I would like to go. If you’re a real risk taker you could wait until the very last-minute and snap up a bargain to somewhere you’ve never thought of before.

I think this time of year is perfect for booking your next holiday with the freezing cold temperatures outside and the busyness of Christmas it would be great to have something to look forward to in January or February.

My boyfriend and I prefer to spend our money on traveling so instead of Christmas presents and birthday we’ve been to Budapest, Ho Chi Minh City and Orlando this year which has been beyond my wildest dreams. It would be a great option, if you haven’t already bought all your presents, to look at Azamara and see if you can get yourself a good deal on your next holiday.

This blog post is in collaboration with 
Azamara but love of last
minute holidays is all my own!

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