When I Am Asked What I've Been Doing Recently...

Thursday, February 28

'What have you been doing recently' is a question I dread... then answer with my default 'not much really' which is obviously a lie! I'm doing something all day, everyday so why don't I want to talk about it?

Maybe I feel like I'm not achieving anything because I've not found a job yet and I definitely don't want to talk about scrolling through job sites for hours and not seeing anything fitting my qualifications. I also don't want to talk about the companies who have my CV but haven't been in touch or how many time I refresh my emails in a day hoping for a positive response. 

Also my family (excluding my parents) don't know about my blog so if I've spent most of my week working on new content, scheduling social media posts and replying to emails it probably isn't something I'm going to talk about either. Not because I don't want to but because there has to be a lot of explanation to go along side it. That wouldn't be very easy to people who don't understand the internet and have never heard of Instagram... so I don't bother. Plus I'd rather they didn't read this blog because then I would feel automatically censored. 

Most of the things I fill my days with, like most people, aren't very interesting. I go out for a walk in the morning to kick start my day, there are always tasks to be done around the house or errands to run. That's not very interesting - everyone does it.

I'm sure it isn't just me who has 'low' days/weeks and not having a good answer to the question only fuels the anxious feeling I'm not achieving enough, not doing enough. Maybe I should come up with some stock answers to avoid being caught out because I'm sure most people think I sit around the house all day doing nothing. 

Do you dread being asked 'What have you been doing recently?' because I think it's something people should think twice about asking. 

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