Why I've Not Been Adding New Items To My Wardrobe

Tuesday, February 26

Top: Primark | Jumper: BritFash* | Skirt: Blue Vanilla* | Boots: Clarks | Bag: Accessorize
Every item of clothing I'm wearing in these shots has been in my wardrobe for over a year - actually this jumper was the first item I was gifted from a brand way back in March 2014 and the skirt was also gifted in August. I've not bought anything new to add to my wardrobe since November last year...

That's not for lack of trying through - I've been shopping twice in recently weeks, browsing local charity shops and keeping an eye on the 'new in' sections of my favourite websites. However, I've not seen anything I want to part with my money for and I'm starting to get a little frustrated. 

Every so often I feel like my wardrobe needs a little refresh - a few new pieces so I can style the things I already own different.  Not only does it benefit my blog (I love taking outfit pictures) but I also feel more inspired to get dressed. So why haven't I been able to find anything new recently?

Spring clothing has been flooding into the shops since new year but Scotland doesn't warm up until at least April (even though it's unseasonably mild at the moment) so these items aren't inspiring me yet. I'm going to be wearing cosy knits and thick tights for months to come. 

I also own a lot of clothes already... meaning when I pick up something I quite like I quickly put it back because it doesn't spark as much 'joy' as some of the other items in my wardrobe. It's never something I desperately 'need' so it's left behind.

There isn't really a conclusion to this post because I'm not sure what I'm doing yet I just wanted to get some of my thoughts out there. I also miss working with fashion brands - being gifted items is a really fun way to look through my wardrobe of style new looks for outfit posts. It also introduced me to lots of brands I really like now such a Blue Vanilla. Maybe I should be pitching to brands now but I really don't know where to start!  

Alternative ways I've styled this skirt: Blue Vanilla Concertina Pleated Skirt | A Casual Concertina Pleated Skirt 

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