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Thursday, March 14

Top: Fat Face | Jeans: Next (similar) | Jacket: Rocha: John Rocha | Boots: Office (similar)
For me, charity shop shopping has more to do with finding a bargain than sustainable fashion but it doesn't hurt that I'm helping the planet too. If I remember correctly this Fat Face top cost around £2 in autumn last year. These jeans are my most recent purchase - they cost me £4.50 and they are the perfect fit. 

Normally I go into a charity shop with a plan. Firstly I'll head towards the dresses (they are my favourite after all) then I'll flick through the other rails to see if any patterns or brands catch my eye. Recently I've been looking for denim too - I need a few new pairs and they can be expensive when bought new. 

Knowing what you like makes it a lot easier! I've been searching for Next jeans in particular because I know their fit and quality the best. I also like to buy items like this in near new condition and then I can get the most wear out of them. This pair are a perfect example of next jeans I knew they would fit well and similar pairs are £34 in store at the moment. Plus I don't think they've been worn so they were an absolute bargain. 

I also love coming across Fat Face items because I love the brand but can't afford to invest as much as I would like too. Now this top can sit nicely with my other charity shop finds and new pieces in my wardrobe. 

Anyway this is quite a simple look today but I wanted to share my recent charity shop finds with you. Next week I have a more exciting outfit planned so stay tuned!

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