5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #8 (Birthday Edition)

Tuesday, April 2

I wanted to write a birthday edition of 5 things that made me happy this week but then I caught the cold. I felt awful for a couple of days and it totally went out of my head. However, I'm back now and just twelve days after my birthday I'm sitting down to write it. I had such a nice few days I wanted to make sure I documented it here. 

1. Doing Some Birthday Baking

As I had the whole morning to myself I decided to make myself some birthday cake. I decided I'd have a second attempt at red velvet cakes. I had a really nice, relaxing time baking them and the end result was better than I could have expected. I shared the recipe last week so you ca check it out here

2. Spending Time At My Mum and Dad's House

It's been years since I was home home on my birthday so it was lovely to go round at lunch time. I got to open my present and take the dogs for a walk. It was a gloriously sunny day which just put me in an even better mood.

3. A Family Birthday Dinner

Scott came round after work (just like he did five years ago) and my mum made my favourite meatball dish for tea. It's always good to spend time together as a family but I must admit it's really good being able to go home with my boyfriend now too. 

4. Building My Birthday Present

The day after my birthday I got to build the present my parents bought me - a mini green house to bring on all my seedlings outside. I loved getting into gardening last summer and I'm looking forward to doing even more this year.

5. Going For Tea in Aberdeen

My birthday treat from Scott was a meal at Topolabamba on Saturday night. We got the train to Aberdeen and went for a couple of drinks before the meal. It was a really really tasty meal and I got to eat churros so I had a fantastic time. 

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