My Spring Summer Wardrobe Must Haves

Thursday, April 4

I wrote a similar post to this back at the beginning of autumn and as it was popular I thought I would bring it back for spring. As this isn't really a post promoting new things I've linked all the original blog posts below if you want to check out where individual things are from.

Making the Most of Florals for Spring
A Denim Jacket

I'm starting with the obvious here but until a few years ago I didn't have a denim jacket in my wardrobe. However, it's quickly become a staple I reach for again and again. I wear dresses a lot so I need something to keep my warm and this jacket with floral embroidery goes with everything.

Tile Print Comfy Trousers
A Pair of Pattered Trousers

I love wearing these light weight trousers in the summer because it is basically like going out in your pyjama bottoms. They are thin enough for hot days but also a great option when it isn't so hot (welcome to Scotland...). They are also my staple flying clothes which is handy because I also love them on holiday.

An Everyday Scottish Summer Outfit 
A Waterproof Jacket

I live in Scotland so a good jacket is essential whatever time of year. This raincoat was from Fat Face so it is both practical and fashionable. Living in such an unpredictable place being practical is more important for me than anything else. Mostly the bright colour helps it stand out from all my other jackets and makes me feel more summery.

Coral Bardot Top and Denim Button Up
A Denim Skirt

I wear my denim skirt throughout the year but I really feel like it comes into its own in the warmer months when I don't have to wear thick tights. It's so easy to style with casual t-shirts, blouses or even long sleeved tops when the weather isn't so warm.

Tenerife 2017 | Holiday Outfit Diary
A Pair of Nude Ballet Flats

If you need a pair of shoes that will go with every spring/summer outfit then look no further than the humble ballet flat. You will see them in several photos in this post already. Mine are just cheap ones from New Look I replace every few years but I'm thinking about investing in a more substantial pair of this year if you have any recommendations. 

My Favourite Butterfly Print Dress
An Everyday Floral Dress

No summer wardrobe would be complete for me without a floral dress that I can wear everyday. One you can throw on in the morning when you are in a rush or style with heels and jewellery for a fancier look. This one is a Billie & Blossom one from Dorothy Perkins which I've had a ton of complements on but any dress, in a style you love would work.

What is your spring/summer wardrobe staple?

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