Bathroom Renovation Inspiration with Internal Wall Panels

Friday, June 28

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Bathroom Wall Panels
You might know, because I've mentioned it once or twice, that we are selling our flat and looking for a house. So, obviously, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how we would redecorate somewhere new. Two of the places we've looked at would require a totally new bathroom so we could do whatever we want. 

A good place to start is on the walls - tiles need constant maintenance to keep the grout clean but these Bathroom Wall Panels from Internal Wall Panels are easier to fit and won't grow mould. I'd definitely go for an unusual colour like this sage green but there are 27 different patterns and colours to choose from on their website. 
1. Loft Towel Ring | 2. HIMALAYAMIX Potted plant | 3. Waffled Dressing Gown | 4. Ceramic Soap Dispenser | 5. SAXBORGA Jar with lid and tray
Now the walls are sorted it's time to choose some accessories. This dressing gown caught my eye because the light pink would match the sage beautifully (not that it's important...). I like a nautical theme in the bathroom so this towel ring and other fittings would be perfect. 

I already have some plants in my bathroom but more plants is always better especially if you have the room. I like the ceramic soap dispenser as an alternative to plastic bottles and finally some storage in the form of these cork jars. I think they are both practical and modern for our new bathroom.

There is no news yet about when we might sell our flat but I live in hope every single day but in the meantime I'll be browsing Internal Wall Panels to see what they have to offer. 

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