Everything I've Learnt About Myself Working Full Time

Wednesday, June 26

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It’s my sixth week as a working adult and to say my life has changed over such a short period of time would be an understatement. There was a period when I thought I’d never be comfortable working in an office with colleagues but I’m managing better than I thought. Today I wanted to share some things I’ve learnt about myself over the past five weeks.

I might always be terrible at introducing myself 

If I don’t get my name in right at the start I feel like it is awkwardly too late. Then after my job title I don’t know what to say next. If I must take it upon myself to do introductions I’m worse – I’m just an awkward person.

I’m comfortable working with senior people

In the early days I got involved in a big project with some of the most senior people in the business but as long as I knew what I was talking about, and I mostly did, then I was perfectly comfortable working with them.

I’m good at pre-empting what other people want 

A few weeks ago, I sent out an email, totally unasked for, with timings I’d taken in a meeting. I knew the senior leadership would need it and the feedback I received was really good. In general, though I can normally see what people are going to ask for before they do which makes people happy.

I will get people to do things for me by being nice

I don’t want to be the person in the office who is grumpy and always chasing people for things, so I always try to smile and be nice to everyone. I’ve decided that is going to be my technique for getting other people to do their job. I’m pretty sure I can crack the whip if I need to though.

I can be rubbish at explaining things 

If I’m asked a question I’m not prepared for I’m pretty sure garbled rubbish comes out of my mouth. Then the voice inside my head is really annoyed because I know what I’m talking about – I just need to be more confident.

I’m much better at putting my thoughts in an email.

No surprise but I am much better at writing a concise and well explained email about something than if you ask me in person. This is something I hope will get easier over time as my people skills develop.

Hopefully this post hasn’t come across too ‘boasty’ but I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learnt over my first few weeks at work. I’m doing much better than I thought I ever would and really enjoying myself at the same time.

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