One Week of Office Outfit Inspiration #1

Friday, October 11

I've been working full time since May and when I started my wardrobe needed a bit of a refresh. While it was great to be able to wear some of the blouses that I already owned but didn't give a lot of love I also like keeping my wardrobe varies so it was time to treat myself. I had to buy trousers for my first job interview and I still wear them to work everyday, however, with my first pay check I treated myself to some new blouses too. Hopefully today I can share some casual but professional office outfit ideas with you.

Blouse: Debenhams | Trousers: Next | Shoes: Matalan
This polka dot blouse is my favourite, bought from Debenhams, it was the perfect style for summer. How autumn has arrived I've been wearing it with different scarfs and because of the neutral colour it goes with everything.

It took me months to find a pair of shoes to wear to work. I walk 30 minutes each way everyday but I don't wear them a lot in the office because I have safety boots. I knew a pair of trainers would be the way to go but it wasn't until I saw this pair on eBay (brand new) that I finally took the plunge. Really happy I did and I've been wearing them everyday since.

Shirt: Next | Trousers: Next | Shoes: Clarks
As my office isn't too formal I took the gamble on this t-shirt from Next with leopards and luckily it is more blouse than t-shirt and it adds a bit of fun to my week. I'm definitely starting to need a cardigan though because it can get a little chilly.

Shirt: Next | Trousers: Next | Shoes: Clarks | Jacket: Jack Wolfskin
Maybe it's obvious which style of shirt I like - nothing too tight or formal so this striped number is perfect. My boyfriend commented that I look like Andy Pandy which was nice... regardless this one has been another summer staple.

Dress: F&F | Shoes: Matalan | Tights: The Leg Wear Co.*
I'm a dedicated dress wearer and if I had enough I'd never wear trousers but I feel like only a few of my dresses are suitable for the office (and the workshop...). This floral one that I've had since I was at school is one of them so any opportunity to wear it then I will. More work suitable dresses is something that I'm still hunting for.

Dressing for work is totally new to me and because I'm in and out of the workshop everyday it's been a bit of a learning curve. I've done well so far though and I wanted to document my summer work outfits on my blog and maybe inspire some other people. I have a feeling it's going to need a shake up now we are approaching winter... any advice for some nice jumpers for the office when it's freezing outside?

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