Gousto Recipe Box Review

Wednesday, October 9

We love a recipe box in our house – it takes the hassle out of having to meal plan and shop on a Sunday when we both work full time. I’ve written reviews before for 'Hello Fresh' but another service we’ve been using for a couple of years now is Gousto. A similar concept you pick four meals and receive your pre-portioned raw ingredients in a box each week. I feel like the four meals suits our lifestyle better and there is normally a discount code floating around but full price the box is £34.99.

When you choose your meals there are various ways of filtering the recipes – choose from ones they’ve selected for you or chicken, beef, fish ect. I really like this way of doing it because you can pick varied proteins each week without having to sort through each recipe. The only downside compared to Hello Fresh (and it's minor) is the ingredients aren't separated into their own bags so it takes a little longer to get the ingredients together. However, with Gousto you can order one off boxes so no need to remember to cancel your subscription – bonus!

Paprika Chicken With Tomato & Coconut Dal
I love a dal and the chicken on this one made it look extra tasty and it didn’t disappoint. My only fault with it was the water took longer to boil off than the recipe stated so when I make it again I’ll add less water but I’ll be having it again soon I’m sure.

Simply Perfect Spag Bol
Spaghetti Bolognese is one of my favourite dishes to make so I’ve always avoided it when it popped up on Gousto – after all it’s so easy to make on my own I’ve been missing out though because this one is DELICIOUS. There are lots more ingredients in it than the one I make but it still involves very little skill to pull together.

Pink Pesto, Prawn & Pepper Linguine
It was this pink pesto dish that drew me to order the whole box. I love pesto and it just looked really good. Without much prep and just 20 minutes later I was tucking into my tea – while this isn’t as rapid as some other recipes it was still pretty quick and perfect for when I can’t be bothered after work.

Fragrant Chicken Saag Masala & Pilau Rice
Again, curries are a staple in our house. While the pulled chicken is kind of fiddly it came together quickly and was really flavoursome. I was eating on my own the night I cooked this so the second portion is in the freezer waiting to be demolished one night this week!

This post isn’t sponsored, although they are collaborating with Wagamama so Gousto if your reading this I’d love to review those recipes, but if you follow my referral link you get 60% off your first box and 30% off your first month. Plus I get a cheeky £15 credit. Just follow the link here.

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