5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #13

Sunday, December 8

Our holiday in Florida was much needed and an absolute dream. Getting back to reality was bumpy though - walking to and from work in the dark, freezing cold and full of the cold wasn't easy! However, since then I've felt so much better and starting to feel festive now December has arrived.

1. My New Phone

I thought it was finally time to upgrade my iPhone 6 so after much deliberation I purchased a red iPhone XR while we were in Miami. At first I was worried it might be too big but I am loving the upgrade and the better camera. I also decided to treat myself to the wireless earbuds I've had in my Amazon basket for months. I'd recommend the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53 earbuds if you are thinking about treating yourself on a budget.

2. A Weekend at My Mum and Dads

Last weekend, for the first time in our 5 year relationship, Scott suggested we go to my parents for tea. We stayed the night so we could enjoy a couple of glasses of wine and it was the loveliest night. The next day we went to the V&A to check out their new exhibition and I treat my parents to lunch at the Tatha Bar and Kitchen

3. Comfort Food and Cosy Jammies

Now it's dark and cold at night all I want to do is come home, put on my fleecy pyjamas and enjoy some comforting food for tea. Mince and dough balls were a particular but tonight we have a 'Festive Burger' from our Hello Fresh box.

4. Taylor Swift's New Album

I might be late to the party but since downloading the Amazon music app I've been loving Taylor Swift's 'Lover' and have been playing 'I Forgot That You Existed', 'Lover', 'I Think He Knows' and 'Paper Rings' on repeat.

5. Collecting for the Angus Toy Appeal

Thinking about kids not getting presents at Christmas or parents struggling with the guilt when the have to focus on putting food on the table makes me so sad. So, when I heard that my work was collecting for the local 'Angus Toy Appeal I knew I had to do something. Focusing on teenage boys and girls I went to the shops on my way home and bought some presents for Children who will appreciate them.

With just two weeks left at work I'm starting to get excited for the Christmas holidays and doing lots of festive things over the break. Maybe I will even start my Christmas shopping soon!

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