A Postcard from Orlando 2019

Thursday, December 5

In November we jetted off again to Florida for the second year in a row but this time we flew from Aberdeen to London to Miami. My boyfriend was suffering with broken ribs so we decided against any parks this visit but instead saw lots of different places. 

This first part will focus around Orlando where we spent the first week and a bit. We hired a car at Miami airport and drove the 3 hours late at night so we woke up in Orlando. This is one of my favourite places in the world and I love looking back on all these memories.

Wekiwa Springs National Park

How beautiful is this spot for a swim? We visited Wekiwa Springs National Park on a Monday morning but I can imagine it is a popular spot at the weekend. The whole national park is beautiful and we decided to do a 3 mile hike. Luckily we didn't encounter any Florida black bears.

 Old Town Kissimmee

Again somewhere we've never been but Old Town Kissimmee was interesting for a wander one morning. I heard it is jumping at night but it's still got lots of quirky shop if you decide to visit in the sunshine. 

Kissimmee Lakefront Park

After visiting the Old Town we jumped into the car and drove the short drive to Kissimmee Lakefront Park. Again this is a stunning example of wild Florida with lots of wildlife, fishermen and a chilled atmosphere. I honestly could have stayed here all day... we even saw a few wild alligators floating in the water. 

Daytona Beach

Just an hour in the car and we reached Daytona Beach - the worlds most famous beach! We've already been to Coco Beach and Clearwater so we wanted to experience something new and Daytona didn't disappoint. We had a wander down the boardwalk, lunch at Bubba Gump and then played in the waves. The perfect beach day even if it was off season. 

Orlando Magic - Amway Center 

Going to an Orlando Magic game was the highlight of our holiday. I'm going to be recommending it to everyone going to Orlando - even if you don't know the first thing about basketball. You get so caught up in the atmosphere of the game and there is SO MUCH going on in the time outs. Plus their mascot, Stuff, is loads of fun.

If the seating puts you off then I'm happy to report that because of the hight there wouldn't be a bad seat. So if you can only justify the cheap tickets - go for it!

Let's Go Magic!

Lake Eola Park Farmers Market

We visited Lake Eola on our last visit but knowing there is a farmers market on a Sunday we couldn't resist another trip.

It is a great market too with lots of lovely stalls and so many options to get something to eat. If you visit I'd recommend 'The Lucky Dumpling Co.' - mine didn't last long after I took a picture!

Top Golf

On our final morning we went along to Top Golf to take advantage of their half price Tuesdays. Maybe a little pricier than some activities but it was so much more fun than regular golf. If you want to know more then watch Tim Tracker's video - that is what made me want to go.

And just like that our 10 night in Orlando were over and we were jumping back in the car to head back to Miami to explore for a few days! If you want to see from from our holiday check out my Insta Stories highlights for lots more photos. 

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