Tutti Rouge Lingerie Review

Friday, December 20

Sarah Bra Ochre* | Sarah Brief Ochre*
As I opened my Tutti Rouge package I realised I had a blouse on the same colour as my new lingerie - I love a mustard at this time of year and that seems to translate to my underwear too. I am so happy with this 'Sarah Ochre' set and if the gorgeous colour wasn't enough for you I confirm it is really comfy too.

Sometimes I find bras with padding a little rigid but this one fits really well. The bra for this set was £20 and the knickers were £10. If mustard isn't your thing they have this style in a few different colours so check out their website.

There aren't always lots of different styles when you have to go to the DD+ section in shops but it's Tutti Rouge's specialty and they do it so well. It's nice to have a whole range to choose from when browsing without being limited to the sizing.

Liliana Creme/Nude Bra* | Liliana Creme/Nude Short*

I often find myself drawn to colourful underwear like a magpie and then find I've got nothing in white when I need it. So, the Liliana Creme set is filling a gap in my wardrobe in a really pretty way. In a very similar style to the previous set (a girl knows what she likes) it is just as really comfy. If shorts aren't your style they also have Brazilian briefs too. 

This set is in the sale at the moment so the bra is only £10.40 and the shorts are £4.80 so if you go now you might be able to grab a bargain. Again they have this set in a few different colours including a very practical but pretty nude colour that should be a must in anyones wardrobe.

It's always a gamble ordering lingerie from an online company you've never heard of before. Especially when you are looking for DD+ sizes but I can happily say both the quality and the service from Tutti Rouge is excellent. 

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