My 2019 Highlights

Tuesday, December 31

For the first time in years I'm not dreading New Years Eve - I still don't love the hype but 2019 was a good year with more highs than lows and I'm in a better place than I was this time last year. Plus I'm full of hope for 2020. I have a job I love and the possibilities are endless.

Today I wanted to look back on my highlights from 2019 starting with cooking pizza outdoors with my parents. It's a small thing but my dad bought this box to cook pizza on their BBQ and I've been round a few times throughout the year to cook pizza. Delicious!

I really caught the gardening bug early in the year - I started planting seeds indoors and my parents bought me this mini greenhouse for my Birthday in March. I got a real sense of satisfaction from planting the plants I'd grown from seed outside. Plus anytime away from technology is a good thing for me. 

Not only was 2019 the year I finally got a full time job but it is also a job I am really enjoying and excelling at. This photo was taken at a big opening event I'd had a part in organising in my first six weeks. Something I still feel really proud of!

Another fun thing we did this year was go for lunch at 'Chez Mal Brasserie' in Malmaison Dundee with my boyfriends parents. It was such a good meal I blogged about it but it was also a really lovely day out with loved ones. Exciting we got more vouchers for Christmas so we will be going back in January/February.

On a Friday morning at work I was texting my boyfriend about doing something fun at the weekend - past forward a few hours we were in the car on the way to Newcastle and booking a hotel on my phone in the car. It was a lovely weekend with the person I love. We did lots but it was also so chilled - the perfect revitalising weekend. 

As I mentioned above I was involved in the opening day at work but thanks to the big part I played in making the day a success I was invited to the Courier Business Awards. A real pinch me moment and such a fun night. A real highlight of 2019!

Of course our Florida holiday made it into my 2019 highlights. We flew from Aberdeen to Miami in November - drove up to Orlando before spending the last few days exploring Miami. This is my first holiday since I started working full time and we enjoyed it so much.

Since our little fiesta was written off in an accident at the end of October we decided it was time for an upgrade and went for a three series BMW. We've not had it long but it is a dream to drive so far and is a nice treat to round off 2019. Hard work does pay off eventually. 

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