5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #14

Tuesday, January 14

Finally having to take down the Christmas day on Sunday was a low point and despite being the first week back to work it's been a pretty great week. 

1. Avoiding Chocolate and Sweet Treats

This might seem like a funny one to have in my highlight but last week I went a whole 5 days without getting chocolate. I'm such a sugar addict that it is hard for me to resist but it felt so good to break the habit after Christmas. Plus I was able to have a little treat when we went out for tea on Saturday guilt free.

2. Creating An Infographic at Work

I love having a job that lets me do so many different things everyday but one thing I worked on last week was creating a really cool infographic to share with the whole site. I'm so happy with the way it turned out and I got lots of great feedback from my colleagues. 

3. A Mini Charity Shop Haul

On Friday I decided to have a wander round the charity shops in my town - I like shopping and it's the only option around here. Plus I fancied some new dresses for work and it was a more sustainable option. I was really happy with the two new dresses I came home with and the Paperchase photo album that was a bargain. 

4. Having an Afternoon Out in Aberdeen

When Scott suggests going out for the day I jump at the chance. We went to visit this Gran, had an unsuccessful mooch around Union Square then tea at Harvester. It was the perfect day out after a busy week at work.

5. Having a 'Get Shit Done Day' 

Strangely enough the highlight of my week was probably Sunday because I had a real 'sort your life out' day. I took down the Christmas decorations (finally) and blitzed the spare room. It had become a real dumping ground over the past few months and needed a major clear out. It felt much better going into the start of the week with everything organised.

How was your week? Leave me a comment below!

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