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Friday, January 3

Why I've Not Been Adding New Items To My Wardrobe | Recent Charity Shop Finds
In annual tradition I have been looking back at outfits of 2019 for a little round up. My life had changed a lot this year but I am happy to say I kept some what consistent with my outfit posts after May when I started working full time. 

I've been mixing my usual outfit post format with some chatty posts about my feeling about fashion at the moment including 'why I've not been adding new items to my wardrobe' and 'recent charity shop finds' too.

Spring Wedding Outfit with Angeleye | My First Interview Outfit
Back in March I featured some wedding guest looks in a collaboration with Angeleye. I'm really pleased with how both of these posts turned out and you guys seemed to like them too because they were super popular. I might do something similar again this year because I actually have an upcoming wedding - eek!

I also shared my first (and only) job interview outfit back in June after I found out I'd got the job. I spoke a little more about it in these posts and my yearly highlights but starting to work full time was a huge turning point in the year and had made such a huge difference to my life.

Summer Leopard Print Midi Skirt | One Week of Office Outfit Inspiration
I really felt like I found a style I love with midi skirts this year - not only is this leopard print look one of my favourites to recreate but I also have a snake print one I love. I've been stying them differently for autumn/winter too which has been fun.

Finally, I needed some more work wear pieces for my wardrobe so I style 'one week of office outfit inspiration' and I hope to do another one soon with some more cold weather appropriate office looks soon. 

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