5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #17

Tuesday, April 28

It's difficult to know if there are more highs than lows at the moment. I am always filled with a fresh anxiety on a Monday but I also had another lovely weekend chilling at home with my boyfriend. To focus more on the good things than the bad (harder said than done some days) I thought I'd share 5 more things that have made me happy this week.

1. My Birthday Treat From Layla Amber

My birthday was in March just as the world was turning upside down so I forgot to treat myself. Then one night I was sitting scrolling on Instagram and saw Layla Amber's designs and knew they were perfect for me. I ordered this necklace with my Grandma's birthday money and treated myself to a pair of earrings. 

2. Eating Lunch Outside

I wouldn't say last week was particularly hot but with a jumper on it was warm enough to eat lunch outside. It's something I can't enjoy when I'm at the office and is a nice change of scene for half an hour in the working day. Another plus to being at home is being able to prepare more interesting lunches like this wrap from last week.

3. Seeing the Blossom Blooming

I love the blossom every year but the excitement of seeing it bloom this year on my daily walk feels even more special. There are beautiful trees just five minutes from my front door so I've been down a couple of times to take photos of them. Examples here and here.

4. Pizza On A Saturday Night

My boyfriend had to go to his office on Saturday afternoon so he ordered a Papa John's to bring home with him. It's one aspect is living in Aberdeen so it was a lovely surprise. Really reminded me of weekends as a student - they really are my favorite pizzas. 

5. Having More Time To Read

I've finished 4 books since lock down began which is more than I've read in along time. I love reading but I find it difficult to get stuck into a book when I have a million other things to do. However, I am no longer walking home from work so instead I'm using this time to read and decompress from the day in the office (spare room). If you are interested in what I've been reading check out my twitter thread

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