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Friday, April 24

A while ago we started buying all our fish from our local fish shop - it just tastes so much better than anything you can buy in the supermarket so it's worth the extra cost. Given everything that is going on at the moment we are trying to kept our shopping to once a week.

That's when my boyfriend had the idea of ordering a 'Fishbox' - all the fish is sustainable, caught and processed in Scotland ensuring your next meal is as fresh and healthy as possible. It's actually packed just under two hours from our front door.

I wanted to share what our box contained and the meals we made with it to hopefully inspire you to support a smaller business in these difficult times. Our box contained: 1 x Brown Crab, 2 x Smoked Scottish Cod, Scottish Sea Trout Fillets, 2 x Peterhead Haddock and Fish Pie Mix.

Smoked Scottish Cod
I remembered seeing a smoky paella from our Gusto collection so that inspired this dish. It's more of a risotto if I'm honest cooked with chicken stock, chorizo, smoked paprika and leeks. The fish was so delicious it only needed cooked in the pan and put on top.

Scottish Sea Trout Fillets
This was my boyfriend creation - a creamy pasta sauce, linguine and tomatoes. Again, we simply cooked the trout in a pan and added to the top. It might not look the best but it is the perfect comfort food after a wobbly day.

Brown Crab
I got quite a fright when I opened the box to find a live crab inside - my boyfriend put the order through so I didn't even know it was a possibility. Luckily he comes from a family who regularly catch crabs and lobsters so he was able to handle it. However, if this puts you off then you can easily request your box without one.

Once the meat was all picked down we decided on a Sri Lankan Crab Curry from our Gousto recipe collection. It was delicious, creamy and spicy. The quick naan was homemade using 4 tbsp of self-raising flour, 3 tbsp of yogurt and 1 tbsp of olive oil. Cooked in a dry pan for around 3 minutes on each side.

Peterhead Haddock
One the takeaways we are missing at the moment is a chippy so of course we had to do our at home version with the haddock. Making beer batter and filling the wok with oil isn't the healthiest tea but it is delicious. We fried our chips twice so they were just like chippy chips. Just please be very careful if you are going to attempt frying at home without a frier.

Fish Pie Mix
Last but not least we made a fish pie with a mashed potato top (my favourite). I poached the fish in the milk before making a deliciously fishy white sauce and added capers for extra flavour. If this doesn't tempt you we also love this seafood lasagne recipe.

Full price our medium box would have cost £35 making it £3.50 per portion which is about in line with our local fish shop. You can choose what you 'like', 'love' and 'dislike' from over 70 different seafood products meaning you won't get something you don't like. They pack what is available one that day and sent it in a special box with ice packs 24 hours later. 

We took advantage of their 'refer a friend' scheme to get £10 off our first Medium or Large box making it even more of a bargain. Any question then just give me a shout or check out the Fishbox website.

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