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Tuesday, May 26

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WUKA Period Pants* - £19.99
When I switched to only wearing black pants during my period in my late teens it was a game changer. I stopped ruining good underwear or standing at the sink soaking pants. However, that was as easy as I thought my period was going to get. 

I was given a pack of pads when I first started my period and you just accept that what it is going to be like. As I got older I thought I'd naturally transition to using tampons because they were the 'grown up' option but despite all the teen versions I'd buy I could never use them properly. Maybe it was because I read about toxic shock syndrome on the packet or maybe because I was doing it wrong but I could always feel them and start to feel sick.

So I just continued on for years accepting using pads every month and not really thinking any more about it. Then sustainability became the buzz word on social media and it seemed everyone was using a menstrual cup. Caring about the environment I wanted to jump on the bandwagon but I couldn't quite make myself make the investment. If I couldn't use tampons how was I going to use a menstrual cup? When would be the right time to try it out? You might have guessed already but despite a few years of thinking and reading I still haven't made the investment. 

The issue with seeing there are other options available is it makes you feel dissatisfied with what you already have - pads aren't great are they? You never feel 100% clean, they aren't comfy at night and especially towards the end of your period start to become really annoying. Thanks to endless Instagram adverts I started to think period pants could be the option for me. It was Chloe's post that eventually convinced me but still... would they be worth the investment? 

If you've not already come across period pants then your first port of call should be the FAQ section of WUKA's website. Basically period pants look and feel like your regular pants but they are leakproof underwear. That's my favourite thing about wearing them for the past two days - I've just pulled them on like regular pants after my morning shower and forgot about my period.

There has been no leaking and spoiling my pants or clothing. I didn't have to think about taking extra products out of the house with me 'just in case'. I really could just forget about my period! They were so good during the day I decided to wear a pair to bed and I was so comfy all night. Normally you feel kind of gross in the morning but not with these period pants. I could just cuddle into my boyfriend and enjoy a lazy Sunday morning in bed without a care in the world.  

A few quick things before I keep gushing about how much I love them... I was sent two pairs of WUKA medium flow period pants to share my thoughts on my blog. I decided to try them on the second day of my period which is normally my heaviest but I wouldn't say I have a particular heavy flow. I put them on after my shower in the morning (maybe 11am) and wore them comfortably all day until bedtime at about 10pm when they were starting to feel like they needed changing. I put on the second pair and slept soundly all night. 

When I woke up (and finished snuggling) I popped both pairs in a quick 20 minute wash and hung them outside to try. Luckily it was a windy day so they were dry by the time I'd had breakfast and a shower meaning I could put them on again. I'd say a minimum of three pairs would be the most convenient for me. The only inconvenient thing about them is you can't wash them with fabric softener and as I wash everything with fabric softener so they have to go in by themselves. 

At £19.99 a pair they aren't unreasonably expensive and I'll definitely be picking up another few pairs of over the next few months. They are even going to be stocked in Sainsburys so you can get them with your next shop. Plus the pants themselves look good on and the high cut leg is really flattering. 

My main question (and probably yours too) was would they feel like wearing a nappy? With all those extra layers how could they not... but they don't! They feel far less like wearing a nappy than most pads do which is a huge bonus and thanks to the antibacterial layer they didn't smell. Even after lying on my bedroom floor all night. It's a bonus that I won't have to keep hiding used pads from my boyfriend! 

This has been a long post but if I've not convinced you already then let me finish by saying not only are they comfortable but it feels like a much more natural way to embrace your period and all the annoying body quirks that come with it. I am enjoying letting me body bleed the way it was designed to and not having to fuss. 

If you are considering a more sustainable, natural way to have your period then the WUKA period pants get a big thumbs up from me. If you spend over £23.99 on their website and use the code WUKA-PO4CTB you'll get 10% off.

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