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Wednesday, May 20

Shirt: Debenhams | Jeans: Levis | Socks: American Eagle (my boyfriends)

I was inspired by Liv Purvis and her lock down versions of 'Inside The Wardrobe' to write my own post using some of the same questions and talk you through some of the new things in my wardrobe. Back when I lived with my parents I wrote a post titled 'Inside Gisforgingers Wardrobe' but my set up has changed considerably since then.

When I moved in with my boyfriend we purchased the Askvoll wardrobe and drawer set from Ikea for very little money. It currently sits in our bedroom and we share it along with another one in the spare room for things we wear less often. My dresses, skirts and blouses all hang while my t shirts, jeans etc are in the drawers to the right. 

Due to limited space I've only got my spring/summer clothes out at the moment but I love doing this refresh, having a clear out and discovering forgotten pieces. Hopefully in our next place we will have room for my own clothes storage. I've also got my eye on a clothes rack like this one from Brabantia so I can have my favourite pieces on show and plan outfits. 
Dress: M&S

What's New In My Wardrobe?

I've not bought very much this year because I don't need anything but I do love a browse of the charity shops. I picked up this brand new M&S dress early in the year and I love it. You are seeing this style everywhere at the moment and I can't wait to wear it. Maybe the first post lock down get together?

Again with the tags on is this Disney tee I bought in Uniqlo Orlando last November  - white tops are part of my summer wardrobe and wearing around the house isn't an option for a messy person so this one is waiting until post lock down too. If your in Orlando I'd recommend Uniqlo for cool Disney tops at lower prices.

Last but not least is my newest purchase - bought in Tesco's F&F 50% sale at the weekend. I've been looking for a denim pinafore at an acceptable length for ages. It was £9 half price and I can't wait to style it.

Tee: Uniqlo | Dress: F&F at Tesco

Who Inspires Your Style?

Would it be a cliche to say no one and everyone? I have a strong sense of what I like so I can normally rely on that and don't go hunting for inspiration every often. Sometimes a way of styling a particular item catches my eye on Instagram so I'll save it and shop my own wardrobe to create something similar. 

Other than that bloggers like Liv, KateMichelle and Sophie all inspire me to make the most out of my wardrobe because I find the way they dress matches how I want to in my head. 

Butterfly Dress: Dorothy Perkins | Floral Dress: Debenhams

What Are Your Three Wardrobe Staples?

If you've been following my outfit posts for a while you will probably know what my three wardrobe staples are. I love a floral dress for day to day wear and these two are probably some of my most worn. I'm actually going to have to patch a hole in the butterfly one.

I also have a boho style blouse and have plenty in my winter and spring wardrobe. They can be worn with jeans or tucked into a skirt so are super versatile. Another staple I got into last summer was midi skirts. This leopard print is my favourite and I just love wearing it.

Blouse: Primark | Skirt: Warehouse

Where Are Your Favourite Places To Shop?

A few years ago my answer to this question would have been totally different but I feel like my style has matured recently. I still have lots of items from New Look that I constantly rewear but I'd say my favourite place to shop is Fat Face. Everything in there matches my love of being practical and floral. Along the same theme I also really like Tu Clothing at Sainsburys - you can pick up some great pieces when doing your weekly shop. Another place I've been loving over the past year is Warehouse. They've either upped there game or I've just noticed them but I'm always going on for a browse.

Charity shops still remain a constant favourite place to shop for me because I love a bargain and picking up something different I might not have spotted in another shop. I will pretty much enjoy a browse anyway given the chance - especially at the moment. 

Coat: F&F at Tesco

What Items Would You Save In a Fire?

When I heard this question the first thing that came to find was my leopard print coat. I don't wear it as much as I should but I love it and know it will be my wardrobe for years to come. I'd also rush to find my Scotland rugby top because it has sentimental value watching the rugby (and they are damn expensive!).

If I could only get one thing though it would be my denim jacket from Tu at Sainsburys. Not only is it a staple in my summer wardrobe and unique with all the blossom embroidery but my mum bought it for me so it has that sentimental value too. 

Scotland Rugby Shirt | Jacket: Tu Clothing

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