Garden Update | June 2020

Friday, July 3

June has been a quiet month in the garden - I've just been letting things tick over and focusing on DIY projects indoors. Plus the weather has been pretty terrible, the warmth of spring has disappeared and the rain is back. There are a few updated for this post I want to share.

Firstly at the very end of May my parents dropped off two hydrangeas and a lupin plant that were extras from their garden. I've planted one hydrangea in a previously empty corner and now it looks like we'll be in this house for a while longer I know where the second one is going to go. At the moment the lupin is happy in a pot adding some much needed colour to the stoney area.

I also found time to plant the marigolds in pots, that were quickly destroyed by snails, and split out the poppies I'd grown from seed between pots and space in the border. No sign of flowers yet but they are still looking healthy. I thought the little Nigella plants were ready to go into the border and I'd read that they did better from seed straight into the ground I sowed a few more around them. I also sowed some more seeds since I had more room in the green house so fingers crossed they grow quickly. 

One major garden win this month is these basil plants. I had been keeping them in water in the house hoping they'd eventually grow roots and when they did I planted them in some soil and put them in the greenhouse. This is what 19 days of growth looks like - they are thriving!

Some other high points have been the roses, sweet peas and peony flowering. Every year my peony has just one flower but it is beautiful. Maybe if I'm still here in the autumn I'll research how to move it to somewhere it will be happier. I also spotted flowers on the courgette plants and some tiny baby courgette growing so I've been giving them some food. 

Not only are the dahlia's I've planted in the borders thriving but I also noticed one of the ones I grew from seed last year has come up again. My peas are ready to harvest when I'm ready and the chard and kale plants my Dad gave me a few weeks ago are going to be ready soon too. 

I'm off work next week so I'm hoping it will be warm enough to be outside and enjoy the garden again. I'm even planning a trip to a garden centre with my Mum so there might even be some new purchases to share next month. 

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