5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #18

Wednesday, July 1

Finally after 100 days of lock down it feels like the constant worrying is leaving me and I'm settling into working from home. This is obviously helped by the fact we can how visit family outside which brings me onto some of the things that have made me happy this past week.

1. Going to Visit My Parents

Since lock down was lifted slightly we've been to see my parents twice. Both days it was gloriously sunny, we had something to eat and took the dog for a walk. It felt safe to visit since both of us have been spending the majority of time at home and working from home too. It's definitely the longest I've been away from my family home so it felt so good to be back again and spent quality time with my mum and dad. 

2. Going Into Work

Wow I never thought that would be included in my happy lists but going back after 13 weeks made me so happy. A lot of the people who I would normally speak to day to day work in the workshop so since working from home we've kind of lost touch but it was so nice to see them again! I even took in some cookies as a thank you present for all the favours I've been asking for. 

3. Reading Some Great Books

Since I heard about NetGalley I signed up and have read some great new books. I'm planning a separate post for next week rounding up all the ones I've enjoyed but if you can't wait then give me a follow on Good Reads. I really like that I can help kick start the reviews on new books, support authors and hopefully get people purchasing them. 

4. The New Wallpaper In Our Living Room

We picked our new wall paper from the next website because I loved how bright and cheerful the yellow tones were. On Saturday we decided to go for it and put it up on the feature wall in the living room. I wasn't sure we had the skills and there was quite a bit of shouting but I am so happy with the end result. Now I want some more yellow ascents for the room to finish it off. The flat is still on the market so we are hoping the fresh look will make it more appealing. 

5. Eating Tea Outside Beside the Fire 

After finishing the wall papering on Saturday what we really wanted was some fresh air so we light the outside fire and eat our tea outside with a glass of wine. It started raining just after we'd finished but the fire kept us warm and we had umbrellas to keep us warm. It reminded me of going camping or being at a music festival and I was just happy to sit chatting and laughing with my boyfriend.

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