Designing Our Dinning Room with BoConcept

Tuesday, August 25

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The prospect of a new home is getting closer and while it's very daunting I can't help but be excited about how perfect we can make it. Somewhere that we have to completely redecorate has been our dream for a while now. As we will be starting with a near blank canvas I wanted to have an idea of the bigger purchases before we start so they room can be decorated with them in mind. BoConcept have a furniture store in Glasgow and it's just the aesthetic I'm looking for. 

Vancouver Table
One thing we're lacking at the moment is a dining table. As someone who grew up with a big kitchen table it's an essential for me and this Vancouver table fits the bill perfectly. I love the contrast from the metal legs and the wooden top. Obviously size will be a factor but I also love the extendable version so there will be room for larger parties too.

Adelaide Chair
I don't know if I'd go for these ones specifically but I do love the style of the Adelaide chair - they look comfy and stylish while still being easy to clean! I also don't think I've come across eucalyptus wood before so that makes them really unique.

Dax Rug
As our dining room leads straight into the garden we are almost 100% sure we are going for a hard floor but to soften the area I'd love a nice rug like the Dax rug. It will match the green/natural vibe I'm going for in the room that will blend with the garden in the summer. 

Como Wall System
My final definite item for this room is a large shelving unit I can dress up with plants, cook books and nice home ware. Storage is very important but I also don't want everything hidden away in cupboards so I like the Como wall system.

I have a very clear idea in my head about how I'd like this room to look. While I've painted walls before or chosen flooring this is the first time I've got to design a whole room and I'm so excited! I'd love to have a browse in BoConcept's Glasgow store soon. If you have any recommendations for flooring companies I'd love to know.

P.S I'm still obsessed with the yellow chair in my last post with BoConcept - maybe I'll now have room for it!

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