A Letter To Forgotten Summer Dresses

Thursday, August 27

Dress: M&S via Charity Shop | Shoes: New Look | Earrings: Layla Amber
I bought this M&S dress, brand new with tags on for £7.50 (RRP £55) from the charity shop in February this year and I couldn't wait for the weather to warm up so I could wear it. I originally wanted to wear it to the Bowhouse Market in March but it was still too cold. Little did I know that was our last outing before lock down and this gorgeous dress was left forgotten in my wardrobe. 

It's that old cliche - it's been a funny old year hasn't it. February/March, when everything was still full of possibility, already feels so far away now. Especially as it felt like everything came to an end so suddenly and before we knew it we were working from home in lounge wear and spending weekends in the garden in old clothes. I know I could have worn some of my nicer clothes at the weekend or to work from my spare room but it just didn't feel right. 

I really thought lock down would be lifted sufficiently that we could enjoy summer activities but if truth be told I'm still cautious about leaving the house. For us anyway, there hasn't been ciders in beer gardens with friends, family BBQs or weekends away with dinner in a nice restaurant.

Thankfully I'm a homebody who hasn't minded all this time at home and we have done nice things this year. Sunny days in my boyfriends parents garden and when we were finally allowed Saturday nights at my parents with a glass of wine. It's just that none of these occasions called for an outfit like this.  

So this dress, like many others I own, has remained in my wardrobe all year. This feels like a metaphor for 2020 and as I pack away my summer clothes very soon I'll think about all the things that could have been but weren't and all the possibilities for next year. Which will be better than ever!

I still love this maxi dress and just because it didn't get the love it deserves this summer doesn't mean it isn't going to be loved for springs and summers for years to come. 

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