Garden Update | July 2020

Tuesday, August 4

The garden has really been flourishing in July - probably due to the amount of rain we've had on the east coast of Scotland. While our hottest month still feels like it was May it's great to see all the flowers coming out. I've spoke about it before but our garden has been a real place of calm when working from home. Whither that's 5 minutes during a busy day of meetings or a few hours getting muddy over the weekend. 

On the first Saturday of July I finally got to visit 'Hope Organic Garden' with Mum. It's our favorite place to buy bedding plants so I was excited to finally visit. Hope is an environmentally friendly project, providing horticulture training and work experience. All their trainees are people with learning disabilities who live in the Angus area. 

I picked up some Amaranth, Zinnia, Strawflowers, Cosmos, Marigolds, Iberis umbellata and a geum. The following day I spent a happy few hours weeding and planting out all the new flowers. 
Sidalcea, Zinnia Lilliput, Sunflower (Evening Sun) and Calendula
This section of the border gets the most sun and look how colourful it is! My first sunflower has flowered and these Calendulas I had in this post have seeded themselves and are now flowering. No sign of flowers on the dahlias yet - maybe I planted them out too late. 

From the left: Strawflower, Cornflower, Courgette & Poached Egg Plant
The poached egg plants I put in this area a few months back are really thriving - much more than they did last year in pots. The courgettes are also doing well and I'm hoping they will be ready to eat soon. I had straw flowers last year and they are so unique I'm glad I managed to pick up some this year too.

From the left: Peas & Amaranth

From the left: Beetroot, Dahlias & Chelsea Daisies
The only things we've managed to harvest in the garden were the peas - the courgettes, onions and beetroot pictures above are almost ready. I'm so happy this dahlia is flowering finally because they are one of my favourite flowers. I planted the seed mix in the pot in April so I'm glad the Chelsea daisies are showing some colour now. 

From the left: Lobelia, Celosia & Nasturtium
I planted a few different things in pots because I wanted some colour in a future garden if we moved house earlier than expected. I keep moving them around but I think they've finally found their home against this sunny wall. 

The lupin is over for this year but I'm hopeful the petunias will flower soon. The marigolds which were almost wiped out by slugs at the start of June are coming back too. I don't think I started the Celosia off correctly but I'm hopeful I'm still going to get flowers even if they are quite small. 

From the top: Potentilla & Signet Marigold
And that's a wrap on another month in the garden and my fourth in this little series. All I'm hoping for August is that it is warm enough to sit outside, read my book and enjoy all my hard work. 

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