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Saturday, October 17

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If you've been following my moving/renovation diary you'll know we've now been in our new house for four weeks. In that time we've been doing a lot of tearing things apart, pulling up carpets and investigating what we want to do. The bedroom is due to be completed by the end of October and then we'll move onto the living room.

I'm sure this will be much more of a winter room so I want to make it as cosy feeling as possible with a wood burner at the heart of the room. Todays post is in partnership with Flooring365 who have a beautiful selection of flooring to choose from. I've known for a while, with a fire in the room, that we want to go down the route of a wooden floor. Due to budget we are going to be making do with our current furniture for a while yet so the major decisions are the flooring, a colour for the fireplace wall and the style of hearth for our stove. 

Flooring365*: Milano Solid Natural OakMilano Solid Smoked OakEdmonton Solid Natural Oak
I'm drawn to the natural oak flooring - we already have a few oak pieces of furniture so I think the colours would tie in well together. Our living room is north facing so it doesn't get a lot of sunlight in the winter and as a result I think light to mid coloured oak likes the ones above would be perfect for keeping the room as light and bright as possible.

In all these floorings from Flooring365 the grade of this Oak is mixed, meaning it will contain some knots which is a feature I love about Oak products. Before you make a final decision you can order some samples to try out in your room and get a feeling for how the colours will look in different lights. 

Solid wood floors should also be really hard wearing too which is a big plus for me because this is a house we plan to stay in for many years. It's also possible to maintain the flooring and refinishing the oiled solid wood will bring it back to its best.

Velspar Paint: Laird of the IsleRushing Red | Wine Cask
Finally a colour for the feature wall - initially we were drawn towards a blue colour but worrying it would be too cold in what is currently a cold room we moved our attention to the wine/maroon reds. 

When we were in B&Q the other week I picked up a few Velspar sample cards (which look nothing like these colours I've lifted from their website) but we are still undecided. Is this colour too dark? We want something quite dramatic - what colour would you go for?

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