The First Week in Our New Home

Tuesday, October 13

I can hardly believe that this Friday we will have been in our new house a whole month. I meant to sit down and write the follow up to 'The First Day and Everything Leading Up To It' before now but as you can imagine there has been a lot happening. 

Waking up in the new house for the first time felt a bit like Christmas day - it was too early because we didn't have curtains and the crow outside was so loud but I was awake instantly. I pulled on shoes and padded round all the rooms looking at them again in the fresh day light. It felt so exciting that the whole house was finally ours and we could make it into our dream house.

One of the first things I did was start to unpack the picture frames and hang them on random hooks on the walls. I wanted the house to feel like ours and this seemed like a simple place to start. We then had to phone BT because our internet hadn't been connected the previous day as expected. Annoyingly they didn't have a record of the order so they had to put it through again meaning another week and a half delay... oh well!

Scott's Mum and Dad we're coming back after breakfast to help us with some jobs to get us settled in. I was already sick of not being able to open the cupboard for a glass so the kitchen was my main target. Scott's Mum gave the cupboards a really good clean and I started to fill them behind her. Even with the two of us doing the job it took hours.

Meanwhile, Scott was ripping carpets out of every room... the whole house had an old person smell that wasn't going to go away unless we removed them and luckily there are decent floorboard underneath we can live with. We also found the hatch under the house and that was a pleasant surprise - there is plenty of room under there which will make replacing the heating system and running cables much easier.

By about 4pm we were totally done for the day and dying for a pint. I pulled on my favourite jumpsuit - probably a fancier outfit than necessary but after a busy week I wanted to feel pretty again and we went to the pub for a few pints before grabbing a pizza on the way home. 

Sunday was another busy day but this time it was my parents and cousins who visited. Scott started stripping wall paper in the front bedroom and I worked at unpacking all our clothes and filling the drawers and wardrobe. My cousins just came for a nosey at the new house but were quickly roped into stripping wallpaper and my Mum helped me put up curtains so we'd sleep better. 

On Sunday night we picked up our HelloFresh box and cooked for the first time in the house which felt so good. We still didn't have a TV signal (or Sky) so we did the best to stream from our 4G and chill. 

We still had two days off work so we spend the start of the week getting more tasks done - tearing out the fitted wardrobes in the bedroom and smoothing out some cracks in the wall. I felt pretty sad to be setting up our computers in the dinning room on Tuesday night but we now have a much nicer space for working in. I picked up some spray paint in Aldi when I was doing the weekly shop that was perfect for brightening up the horrible brown kitchen as a temporary measure. 

We took the rest of the week off from DIY and on Friday I even managed to escape the house for an hour or so and have a wander up the highstreet. While I was out Scott managed to figure out the TV cable situation and we finally could watch Sky again (but not record so we still need a new satellite dish). Our second Saturday in the house was just as productive as the first. I got lots of little jobs done, Scott's parents were back to help and we took out the gas fires so we could start planning for a wood burner in the living room. 

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